Warren Riley

Beach Inspector Roger Riley, father of Warren Riley and icon of Bronte Beach.

Warren Riley was born in 1936 in Bronte, where his father was a beach inspector. Warren was made a life member of the Bronte Surf Lifesaving club. He recalls the clubhouse as a bustling centre of activity, saying, “And the whole of the, the core of that thing was everyone used to come here and sit on the stairs. And that was where every one... all the photos that were taken of the members of the surf clubs, were on the stairs, and that’s really where life was... on the stairs. But, other than that, to go inside it was a beautiful big open area, and you could have your own little peg, it was one of those places, it was a big hall, and they just slapped seating all the way around the hall, so there was no problem with space... and the walls were covered in pictures...”

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