Rose Fekete

“I feel very strongly when you’re helping others, you’re helping yourself.”

I was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1947.
My father flew to Australia in 1951 and 6 weeks later, my mother, brother, sister and myself arrived in Australia in April 1951.

My passions in life

I always talk about my life, that it has three passions.  My family and friends, the early childhood field, particularly Moriah College and Mt Zion preschools and WIZO (Women's International Zionist Organisation). WIZO has 800 projects in Israel.

Since 1973, I've been very involved in WIZO in contributing as much as possible in bringing younger people to the organisation, raising funds which are sent to these important projects in Israel, helping one in four Israelis. My involvement in these different areas has given me a lot of naches.  I try to help my children understand and my grandchildren how important it is to contribute to the community.

Helping others

I feel very special about that and it's wonderful. Now my husband, Frank, does a lot of pro bono work for different Jewish organisations. Together we're very involved in different communal organisations.

Key Migration Wave - Holocaust Survivors

Australia has been the refuge for more Holocaust survivors per capita than any other country, apart from Israel. The Close Relatives Reunion Scheme after World War II allowed Holocaust survivors to enter on the basis of having family that already resided within Australia. There were a total of 27,000 Holocaust survivors in Australia who arrived between 1945-1961. With the passage of time, only a few are still with us, but their children and grandchildren are carrying on their legacy.

Listen to Rose's Eat, Pray, Naches stories

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Rose tells of her parent’s remarkable survival in the Netherlands during the war when they worked for the Dutch resistance. They survived Theresienstadt and made it their mission to help other Dutch migrants when they settled in Australia.


Delicious Dutch food and her mum’s specialities including an Australian Pavlova are some of things Rose talks about.


Shabbat plays an important part in Rose’s life. Listen and watch why the Holy Days especially Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) are so very special to her.


Rose talks about her three passions in life and how she believe that by helping others you are helping yourself.