Water wise apartments

Conserving water collectively is becoming increasingly important in the Eastern Suburbs as supplies face mounting pressure from drought and future climate change impacts.

Data shows that around one-third of our region’s water use is in apartment buildings (with over 80% of this inside units). This makes apartments key players in helping reduce water consumption. Water pricing is also likely to increase in times of drought.

A pie chart of water use by sub-sector

How can apartments conserve water?

Randwick, Waverley and Woolllahra Councils have jointly partnered with Sydney Water to help make it easier for people living in apartments in the eastern suburbs to save water through their WaterFix® Strata service.

What is WaterFix Strata?

The WaterFix® Strata service is an affordable and tailored service for apartment blocks to:

  • Assess your building's water use performance
  • Fix leaks inside apartments and common areas
  • Install water-efficient devices in apartments

Why WaterFix® Strata?

  • Free   online water efficiency assessment – delivered via email
  • Hassle-free   - Sydney Water arrange all the appointments & access
  • Quality   - Dedicated expert plumbers and quality equipment
  • Savings   - Proven track record from previous buildings around Sydney
  • Cost   – Service can be paid for through the savings on your water bill
  • Trust   - Run by Sydney Water and your local Council

Top benefits to your apartment

Can any sized apartment building register?

Yes. Simply register your details and Sydney Water will provide feedback on how your building is performing, if its water-wise or whether there is potential to save.

How much water and money can I expect to save?

The amount of water and cost savings can vary from building to building. On average, WaterFix® typically saves around 30% of your current water consumption.

Owners and tenants at the Sydney CBD high rise apartment building, Windsor Plaza, saw a 34% reduction in total water usage which saved the Owners Corporation around $44,000 a year in water usage charges.

How do I register?

Register and find out more at waterwiseapartments.org.au

This initiative is brought to you by Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick Councils in collaboration with Sydney Water.

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