Electronic waste (E-waste) recycling

Electronic waste, or E-waste includes televisions, computers, and other electronic appliances that can contain hazardous components that can affect our environment and health if these items are sent to landfill. That's why we don't accept these items in our household clean-up service.

All residents and small business owners can drop off their e-waste at one of our e-waste drop off events (see locations below). This way, the e-waste is disposed of safely, and nearly all of the e-waste is recycled into new materials.

Mobile and Tablet collection points

Waverley residents can now drop off their old mobile phones, tablets and laptops for recycling at Waverley Library and the Customer Service Centre. You are also able to drop off ink cartridges and household batteries here. Check for information on what you can drop off at these Problem Waste Recycling Station.

E-waste Drop-off Days

Council runs FREE local e-waste drop off events twice per year where your e-waste is recycled rather than going to landfill. Council typically collects around 50 tonnes of e-waste each year at these events.

You can bring your e-waste to us and we'll make sure it is recycled safely and responsibly. You don't even need to get out of the car; our friendly staff will do the lifting for you.

You can drop off:

  • Computer monitors, hard drives, printers, laptops, network equipment, scanners, cords, cables
  • Televisions
  • DVD players, video recorders, projectors
  • Mobile phones, landline phones, faxes
  • MP3 players, speakers, cameras
  • Toasters, kettles, microwaves and other small household appliances
  • Heaters
  • Household batteries

Please note, we cannot accept white goods, oil heaters or smoke detectors.

E-waste Drop-off Events

We have two FREE E-waste Drop-off events each year where unwanted electronic items can be dropped off for recycling. With our current processing contract, Waverley recovers over 90% of the electronic waste dropped off at these events, keeping these items out of landfill.

Day: Sunday 24 May 2020, 9am-3pm

Where: Lyne Park, Rose Bay.

Check out the What's On calendar to find out the next drop-off event.

More information

Click on the links below for more information on recycling e-waste.

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