Resources for apartment buildings

Looking to improve waste and recycling in your apartment building?

Over 80 percent of residents in the Waverley area live in apartment buildings. We recognise that strata and building managers play an important role in ensuring the correct sorting of recycling, proper disposal of bulky waste, and hygienic collection of rubbish in the buildings they manage.

We have designed the free resources below with these properties and their unique challenges in mind.

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Podcast: Practical waste management tips from Waverley Council

Listen to Podcast episode 152 of Your Strata Property, Practical waste management tips – plus a special opportunity. Strata lawyer Amanda Farmer interviews Waverley Council’s, Sustainable Waste Manager, Beth Kasumovic.
Listen to the podcast here

Signs, stickers, flyers and tote bags

Please complete the form here to request the following services.

  • Bin bay signs

    Tips: Install where your bins are stored using Liquid Nails. Ideal placement is high enough not to be obscured when the lid is open.

    Dimensions and material: A3 or A2 corflute

    Available for blue, red, green and yellow bins. 


  • Bin stickers 

    Tips: Apply to both sides and front of each bin.

    Dimensions and material: A5 sticker

    Available for blue, red, green and yellow bins.


  • Chute signs and stickers

    Tips: Install on chute doors.

  • No Plastic Bags stickers

    Sticker to remind residents that bagged recyclables and soft plastics are not accepted in recycling bins. Apply to both sides of lid (inside and outside) on your yellow and blue-lidded recycling bins.
  • Flyers
  • Recycling collection totes

Digital tools

Move-in and move-out packs

Digital PDF version of What Goes Where, Bulky Waste and Recycle Smart app info. This provides all the relevant info to new tenants.

RecycleSmart app

The RecycleSmart app provides instant answers on what goes in which bin!

Downloadable pdfs

Waste strata by-laws

    Strata by-law template for waste management

    This by-law can be used to clarify responsibility for correct disposal of rubbish, recycling and bulky household waste and includes an induction for new tenants. Drafted by strata lawyer Amanda Farmer exclusively for Waverley Council. 

    To receive this template, please read, complete this online form.

Apartment recycling improvement program

What's is the program about?

We are offering a free recycling improvement program for apartment buildings with more than 20 units in a complex throughout Waverley Council.

The program involves installing improved bin bay signage in common bin bay areas, providing educational materials and tools for residents and repairing or replacing any bins in poor condition.

Keen to register your interest?

If you're a property manager, real estate agent or resident looking to get involved, email, with details which include the building address, number of apartments and main contact.

Textile & E-waste collection and recovery trial

Waverley Council is trialling an exciting project – the collection and recovery of textiles and e-waste from Multi-Unit Dwellings.

What’s the trial?

In an effort to best support apartment blocks to recycle electronic waste and textiles (old clothing/linen etc) instead of it going to landfill, we are working with a select number of strata buildings with more than 40 apartments to pilot dedicated recycling services.

How it works

We will connect the Service Provider with the delegated building contact, i.e. Building Manager, to conduct a site visit. The Service Provider will provide appropriate collection bins for textiles and e-waste, and discuss an appropriate servicing frequency of each stream. The buildings selected will be conditional – based on space and access requirements.

There is no cost to the building. It is based on a six month trial, with potential for extension if the program is successful.

What’s in it for you?

Better recycling services at your building for owners and tenants, the feel-good factor of knowing stuff is recycled and not adding to landfill.

When does it start?

From July 2019

Keen to know more and register interest?

Please email , including the building address, number of apartments and main contact.

Waste & recycling collection services

  • Bins and bin collections

    Bin repairs such as fixing damaged lids, hinges, wheels and axles are free of charge. Replacing stolen or damaged bins can incur a fee.

    Download request form here
  • Bulky Waste collection

    2 free per year

    Call 9083 8000 to schedule
  • Recycling collection tote and how-to guide

    Re-usable yellow and blue recycling bags allow residents to sort recycling in their apartment and carry to the bins without using plastic bags. Includes How to use guide.

    Order recycling totes here

    Made from 100 percent recyclable polypropylene