Trees on private property


Do you need to prune or remove a tree or undertake works on a tree on your property?

If your tree is any of the below, you will need to submit either a tree permit application or in a very few cases a Development Application:

  • A height of five metres or over or trunk width of 300mm or over at ground level; or;
  • A canopy spread of five metres or more or trunk width of 300mm or over at ground level; or; or
  • A listing on Waverley Council's Significant Tree Register; or is listed as a Heritage Item or forms part of a Heritage Item (see list).

Click here for a diagram of the tree height, width and canopy spread dimensions requiring a permit.

Are there exemptions?

Which application form should I submit?

a) For most trees in Waverley a tree permit application.

b) For trees located in a Heritage Conservation Area; listed as a heritage item or forms part of a heritage item; or listed on the Significant Tree Register, a Development Application may be required for major pruning works or removal that will have an impact on the heritage status of the tree, item or heritage conservation area.

If you think your tree may fall into category above, please submit a tree permit application in the first instance. However, after initial assessment by Council’s Tree Management Officer, you may be advised to submit a Development Application.

Does the tree need to be inspected as part of a Development Application?

If a tree needs to be pruned or removed as part of a development application it will be assessed as part of the determining process of the development application. A separate tree pruning/removal application is not needed. See the section on Trees on Development Sites.

How does Council assess tree applications?

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