Smart City Transport and Parking Initiative

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What is the Smart City Transport and Parking Initiative (SCTPI)?

Council has worked with public and private transport providers to improve the use of transport services such as buses, taxis, ride share, ride hail and bike share. We have also engaged in a partnership with Transport for NSW to implement a digital mobility solution and improve access to these services in and out of our Council’s commercial areas. This project benefits all residents and visitors on the LGA.

Aim of the project

The SCTPI addresses issues related to multiple transport services and their integration by helping coordinate organised and safe service to the community. This initiative will increase efficiency, ease of access to transport services and increase options to reach destinations. These options can be multi-modal, which means that you will be able to use different modes of transport while using one single app.

About the project

By running a twelve-month trial and enabling pick-up / drop-off (PUDO) bays council will allocate kerb space for shared mobility such as car and bike services, taxis and kiss and ride activities. These will be supported by a tailored mobility app that will indicate the locations of these bays and other relevant information. There will be areas for car use and others for bicycle use. This project is mainly supported by the People Movement Places and the Smart Waverley Strategies.

How can the community participate?

If you want to be included in the trial to try these new areas and the new mobility app you will be able to by using the app once it is created. Council will put a link on this page for you to download it around May 2020. You will also be able to use the PUDO bays while using your car for ‘kiss and ride’ activities. This means that you will be able to pull-in in the proposed areas and pick-up or drop-off someone at your convenience. Just remember that you can only stay in the bay for a maximum of 2 minutes and the driver cannot leave the car. These areas will be available from around July 2020 for a twelve-month period.