Beach to the Bay Pop-Up Cycleway


The NSW Government has announced plans for a new pop-up cycleway from Bondi Beach to Rose Bay to give the local community alternative travel options during COVID-19. The new pop-up cycleway will be installed along Curlewis Street, Bondi (length 840 metres), and connect with O’Sullivan Road, Rose Bay (length 1630 metres), to safely connect people travelling between the two areas. The new route aims to offer local residents a continuous bike path to both recreational locations and will also connect users to an existing share path on adjacent Blair Street and another cycleway on Birriga Road.

The pop-up cycleway, also known as the 'Beach to the Bay Connection', is being delivered by Transport for NSW in consultation with Waverley and Woollahra Councils. The cycleway on Curlewis Street will be located on the north-eastern side until Gould Street, where it changes to the other side of the road using an existing pedestrian crossing and continues to Campbell Parade. The cycleway for O'Sullivan Road will be located on the north-eastern side from Old South Head Road to New South Head Road. Both cycleways will be approximately 2.4 metres wide and include two lanes going in both directions. Physical barriers will also be placed between the lanes and parked cars for cyclist safety.

Prior to works commencing, local residents and businesses will be notified in advance of plans. Works will take place mostly during the day, however, some night work may take place between 5pm and 11pm. There will be a temporary need for parked vehicles to be moved elsewhere during the cycleway's installation period. Transport for NSW is liaising with Council to develop plans to reduce the time required for temporary parking removal and further details on this will be provided when available.

For more information on the pop-up cycleway, please read Transport for NSW's factsheet To provide feedback on the project, please email or phone 1800 573 193.