Second Nature

We’re on a mission to make sustainability second nature in our local area.


We live in a unique and beautiful corner of the world, and we’re committed to keeping it this way. As incredible as our home is, it needs our help to continue to thrive. And Council can't do it alone.

That's why we’re working with you - our local community, staff and businesses - to make sustainability more than just an occasional concern. We want protecting our place it to be a normal part of our everyday. We want it to be second nature.

Every personal action counts to help achieve our goals in reducing waste, keeping our oceans clean, saving water, looking after our natural spaces and addressing climate change.

How are we tracking?

Our 2021 State of the Environment Report provides information on the performance of community and Council against our environmental targets in the areas of Energy and Climate Change, Sustainable Water, Urban Ecology and Sustainable Waste.  It is also a great opportunity to learn about some of the successful projects undertaken by Council and the local community, which are helping us meet Council greenhouse and water targets, but also where more action is needed.

I'm In 

Sign up to Second Nature to join our community in making sustainability second nature, and to stay informed on events, programs and resources to help you on your journey.


In the ‘old’ days very few people recycled. Today it’s second nature to separate your normal garbage from your recycled items.

What if we could make it second nature to turn off lights, save water, recycle where possible, design sustainable buildings, or put your food waste into a wormfarm?

  • It’s about working together, and making smart choices.
  • It’s about preserving what we love about our part of the planet - for our children, and their children.
  • It’s about using what we have, without using it up.
  • If we all do something - however small - we can take a big, collective step towards an even better future.

Making Sustainability Second Nature - Are you in?

  • Join the collective effort in making sustainability second nature, and share through your networks to inspire others.

I'm In

We're asking locals to choose an action you can do today to make sustainability second nature and help protect our beautiful place.

  • Share your pledge and a Second Nature selfie with your networks to inspire others to sign up, with #secondnatureimin
  • Host a fun second nature pledge event or competition at your school, or with your neighbours or friends e.g. BBQ.  Let us know if you need some support and send us photos.
  • Join a local community group who are working to make a positive difference.

Our environmental goals

Your personal actions will help us to deliver ambitious targets that Council has for:

A roadmap for change

Council's Environmental Action Plan details these targets and provides a strategic roadmap for current and future actions that will help reach our goals. It includes a mix of infrastructure solutions, behaviour change and engagement programs, plus operational changes.

Find out how we are making changes in-house at Council and in our neighbourhood to help meet these goals. For example:

Tracking progress

We’ve been tracking progress on our environmental targets - with successes to celebrate whilst still much more work to do. We’ll keep you updated on how we are going, and ways to get involved.

Talk to us

  • Email or call us on 9083 8000

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