Primary school waste education program

kNOw WasteTM Education Program

Would you like to improve recycling at your school and inspire students to become ‘Waste Warriors’? Join this free Council program to help your school sort it right!

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What is the kNOw WasteTM Program?

The kNOw Waste Program is an environmental education program developed by Cleanaway’s NSW Centre for Sustainability. The centre provides educational workshops to students about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle correctly while learning how to be conscious of their ecological footprint with the aim of adopting sustainable habits for life.

What is available to Waverley primary schools?

  • kNOw WasteTM Incursions
    In 2020, Council is offering the “Binwise” module of the kNOw Waste Program which focuses on the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) for all primary school students or school environmental groups. The program is available to all classes in Stage ES1, S1, S2, and S3. It involves a 45 -60 min incursion at the school. The session is free, flexible and can be tailored to fit your school’s requirements.
  • ‘kNOw WasteTM Warriors’ Webinar Program
    The Webinar Program is available to replace incursions if required. The ever changing nature of the COVID-19 situation requires a flexible approach. The ‘kNOw Waste Warriors’ Webinar Program is available to schools who are not accepting visitors, or who would prefer to conduct an education program online. The webinars include interactive and engaging activities, games, videos, polls, Q and A’s, and quizzes.

kNOw WasteTM and the School Curriculum

Cross-curriculum Priorities: Sustainability
This program supports this cross-curriculum priority by educating students about the global issue of waste management and develops the concept of waste management as an integral part of sustainable development.  Students will explore creative ways to recycle more, reduce their overall waste production and ultimately foster a more sustainable way of living in their own community.

Science and Technology: Students explore and identify in varying details of complexity how different items are composed of different materials,that these materials can be changed and how this can impact on their ability to be recycled.

Geography: Students develop their knowledge of caring for places by investigating sustainable waste practices that they can apply to school and home. Stage 2 and 3 will explore the different levels of the waste hierarchy and identify how to apply these actions to their own everyday lives.

Science and Geography Syllabus Aligned:

Early Stage 1

  • Science (STe-4MW-ST): students identify that objects are made of different materials.

Stage 1

  • Geography (GE1-2): student identify how places can be cared for by using different waste services.
  • Science (ST1-6MW-S): students identify that recyclable materials are changed through the recycling process.

Stage 2

  • Geography (GE2-3): students   investigate sustainable practices that protect environments by discussing ways to manage waste sustainably.
  • Science (ST2-7MW-T): students investigate the suitability of processed materials in terms of their recyclability.

Stage 3

  • Geography (GE3-3): students investigate how people influence places and how they can contribute to sustainability
  • Science (ST3-7MW-T): Students will explore and categorize everyday   items in terms of their material composition and recyclability.

COVID-Safe Management Plan

The kNOw WasteTM Education Program is a registered COVID-Safe Business and has updated its Risk Assessment in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is in line with the Department of Education guidelines, and relevant health authorities. The workshops and included activities have been adjusted to minimise contact to help prevent spread of the virus.

If you have any concerns in the lead up to your incursion, or the COVID-19 situation changes, please get in touch to make alternative arrangements.

To make a free booking, or for further information on the kNOw WasteTM Education Program, please contact Cleanaway at:

Phone: 0466 487 315

Need more information?

Phone: 0466 487 315

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