Matt’s garden

Our backyard was dominated by a 50m Norfolk Pine that provided a home to 5 nests of birds but unfortunately needed to be removed as the roots went under the concrete slab and started destroying the house. While we greatly enjoyed the magpies and miners, the shade and soil acidity made it very difficult for anything but a few exotics to grow.

The loss of the Norfolk Pine was sad but gave us the opportunity to do something quite different with the garden. One thing we knew is we wanted to get the birds back, albeit not necessarily the same birds. The Living Connections program assisted us to understand the different types of native gardens we could construct to attract birds. It helped us identify the local birds that need habitat and then supply the local native plants we could use.

With the 60 native plants from Living Connections and what we purchased ourselves, we have planted in excess of 100 plants. Some of these include Calytrix tetragona, Angophora hispida, Leptospermum squarrosum, Ficinia nodosa, Themeda australis, Actinotus helianthin and Acacia ulicifolia.

As well as attracting birds we wanted to maximise the flowers in the gardens. Over the last six months we have always had flowering plants in the garden. The birds are yet to come, but the number of insects and lizards is many times what it was, so we're sure it is just a matter of time.

Without Living Connections, we would have less diversity of plants and definitely fewer local native plants. Although the garden is still in its infancy, it provides great joy through the flowers and the new varieties of bugs and butterflies it brings. Can't wait to see what happens as the garden starts to mature.

Check out our Living Connections page for all the details and how to get involved.