Phil's garden

When I applied to join Living Connections, I was simply seeking some expert advice and suitable plants to encourage the small native birds that used to visit the garden to return. I used to see Superb fairy wrens in the garden but haven't for years.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Living Connections kit that was sent out. In fact, so much so that I have had a total rethink of my original idea for our yard. I completely changed my plan and removed all the grass to be able to create an endemic scrub that would be a haven for small birds.

I received 30 native seedlings through Living Connections, including Baeckea linafolia, correa reflexa and Melaluecca nodossa, and planted them using the provided layout. I have since added to these seedlings and now have 90 new plants in the garden.

I added other habitat elements including a bird bath, rocks for lizards, mulch and logs. Since the transformation of the garden there has been a noticeable change in the behaviour of the native birds and insects visiting the garden.

Connecting with others in my neighbourhood to discuss progress and solve issues is now a key next step.

Check out our Living Connections page for all the details and how to get involved.

Photo: Bronte resident Phil