Public Art Committee

Aims of the Waverley Public Art Committee

The Waverley Public Art Committee aims to:

  • Foster the ongoing development of quality, diverse and creative public art and visual art so as to enhance public access and experience of the arts and;
  • Select and develop public art works that serve as important markers reflective of our heritage and cultural identity.
  • Involve the community through informing and promoting public art and visual arts programs

Waverley Public Art Committee Structure

ChairpersonThe Mayor or the Mayor’s delegate
Committee Members

Up to three (3) Waverley Councillors,
Up to eight (8) Waverley residents
Up to four (4) reserves with relevant expertise and interest in public art or visual arts

Administrative supportWaverley staff member

Relevant staff attend meetings to provide advice, including staff from Cultural Programs, Outdoor Events, Landscape Architecture, Development and Strategic Planning, Community Safety, and local connections

Any Councillor or Director is welcome to attend meetings.

For any further information regarding the remit of the Waverley Public Art Committee please contact

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