Watch these informative videos to further your knowledge about the Uluru Statement and what enshrining an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution would mean for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Uluru Dialogue Wrap-Up Webinar
Featuring Co-Chair of the Uluru Dialogue, Professor Megan Davis along with Associate Professor Hannah McGlade, Associate Professor Sana Nakata and Dr Dani Larkin, this webinar provides participants with a range of examples of how a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice to Parliament could work in practice. These include Indigenous expertise on issues that have been at the forefront of Australian politics throughout 2021.

TEDxCanberra: The Uluru Statement From The Heart - an idea whose time has come
Listen to Dean Parkin, campaign director of From the Heart, present to a local audience at TEDxCanberra about the Statement. Having been closely involved in the process that resulted in the historic Uluru Statement From The Heart, Dean continues to advocate for constitutional and structural reform.