Pauline McLeod Awards for Reconciliation

Pauline McLeod led and inspired Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians towards understanding, acceptance and healing through her work as a cultural educator. The Pauline McLeod Awards for Reconciliation Awards honour her legacy.

The Awards recognise “silent achievers” who have worked diligently in promoting Reconciliation through selfless acts. They may be your neighbours, work colleagues, family members or acquaintances. They will have one thing in common, and that is their desire to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Awards are sponsored by the Eastern Region Local Government Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Forum (ERLGATSIF). Each year, the Forum awards people or organisations living or working in its region: Bayside Council, City of Sydney, Inner West, Randwick City, Waverley or Woollahra (ERLGATSIF Council areas).

The Forum offers the community an opportunity to be part of the celebration for Reconciliation Week, by nominating an individual or organisation in the region that has demonstrated their commitment to Reconciliation over the past year. The Awards are open to any person who lives, works or studies within the local government areas of Bayside, City of Sydney, Inner West, Randwick, Waverley or Woollahra.

There are two award categories:

  • Pauline McLeod Youth Award (individuals or groups aged 12-24 years old)
  • Pauline McLeod Award (individuals, groups or organisations of any age)

Nominations close in May each year

Winners are presented each year at the Pauline McLeod Award Ceremony held during Reconciliation Week at Woollahra Council Chambers.

The ceremony includes an exhibition of entries in the Pauline McLeod Primary School Art Competition and the Pauline McLeod High School Short Film Competition.

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