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Healthy Mouths for Kids 0-5


Good oral health is essential for our general health and wellbeing. Early childhood is the best time for children to learn habits that will last a life time and help them become healthy adults. This online seminar was presented on Tuesday 22 September by NSW Health Oral Health Services for the South East Sydney Health District. The session covered a range of topics including teething, how to encourage children to brush regularly and up to date information on how to support the growth of healthy teeth and gums.

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Starting School Forum

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In collaboration with Woollahra Municipal Council and local schools, Waverley Council hosted the Starting School Forum on Thursday 4 June 2020 which provided parents and carers with practical information and strategies to assist with their child's transition to kindergarten.

Education expert, Rod Soper, led the forum. Soper has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of education leadership and design, having worked as a school principal and early childhood educator. He has led numerous research projects and published papers and books on subjects related to education, teaching practice, learning design, transition to school, leadership and organisational change. He is the Co-founder and Director of Education for Thinkers.

If you didn't get a chance to watch the forum live, you haven't missed out! The forum was recorded and can be viewed below.

To access resources for school enrolment information and links to useful resources for further research, please click here.

Toward the new normal: Strategies for managing change for families

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So what is change? Why do people resist change? How can we best navigate change in our self care and parenting?

COVID-19 has certainly thrown us into change - some of us now behave and live our lives very differently. We have to become more self-aware and more conscious of our everyday environments and habits, and we may be dealing with precarious employment. We may also notice feelings of stress, exhaustion and frustration, and/or experience sleep disruption, relationship conflict and low mood.

Finn Callanan is a qualified and experienced Mental Health Social Worker and Family Support Worker. On Tuesday 9 June 2020, Callanan led an exploration of the change process in an online seminar providing insight into the different behaviour zones that we use to find our way and adapt to change. The seminar also provided practical strategies for reducing stress, worry and fear, self soothing, maintaining healthy relationships and helping children emotionally regulate.

To access the presentation slides from the seminar, please click here. For further information, resources and support, check out our advice lines and referral document.

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