Parent testimonials

"I cannot speak highly enough of our family day care, it’s like a home away from home for my daughter. It is a kind, caring and nurturing environment which my daughter enjoys every day. She has developed wonderfully from going and she is a chatty, sociable, playful little girl, who enjoys story time and educational activities." Claire, mother of Sophia at a Waverley Family Day Care home

"I cannot be happier with the quality of care that my son receives. FDC is such a great introduction to formal care - small groups with the opportunity for one on one attention in home environment. I've found all the staff, and the scheme as a whole, to be very professional, with the care of the child front and foremost." Laura Bishop, mother of Freddie at a Waverley Family Day Care home

"Family day care is excellent. We have two carers for our only son Max, both are great with him. We really feel he gets 'child care' as opposed to child minding. He is learning a lot, more than parents alone can teach him. It's great to see the different skills he is learning every week, particularly the emphasis on social norms and creativity. We notice and wholeheartedly support the amount of time and attention dedicated by the carers just to him!" Catherine and Matt, parents to Max at a Waverley Family Day Care home

"I love family day care. I started sending my eldest child when she was just under the age of 1. Now, a couple of years later, with another child aged 1, they both attend together. I love that both my girls can play and be together, even when I am not around, in a warm family environment. There are never any staff changes, never the need to get used to a new environment or set up, which can be challenging for some children. I recommend all my friends to try out family day care when they are looking at day care options. I am indebted to the Waverley Family Day Care. Thank you." Naomi, mother of two daughters at a Waverley Family Day Care home