Sue Lowe

Name: Sue Lowe - Bronte Sproglets - operating since March 2006

Days and hours of operation: Tuesday - Thursday, 8am - 6pm
Casual care available – space permitting

Ages of children: Four children per day, 9m - 5yrs approx

My goals

Family daycare is often the first step into the big wide world for babies and toddlers, so I aim to provide a relaxed and nurturing home-away-from-home. I spend most of my time playing with the children to develop a strong attachment and to observe their strengths, interests and needs – which form the basis of my programming.

I try to incorporate as much outdoor, nature-based and wet/messy/sensory play as possible because it helps children relax, have fun and make friends! I have my own large deck plus a community garden right across the road. We do a lot of planting, watering, insect hunting and mud/sand cooking. When possible (age and ability allowing) we explore our local neighbourhood and visit nearby playgrounds – great exercise and helps develop a sense of belonging.

I take lots of photos that go into a ‘retro’ paper-based scrap-book, paired with many written observations of their ongoing development. We also do a lot of painting, drawing and early literacy and numeracy work, which also goes into the book. Parents and children love these books!

While most children start with me from about 8 months to 20 months, I am very happy when they decide to stay until they are older! Both younger and older children benefit from being supported by, and supporting each other.

I aim to operate a sustainable service with healthy home-made food, non-disposable nappies and green cleaning!