Luciana Hritcu

Name: Luciana Hritcu

Location: North Bondi

Days and hours of operation:

  • Monday - Wednesday 8:15am - 5pm

Maximum number of children: 4

Ages of children: 8 months to 4 years old

I have a Bachelor Degree in Business and A Degree as An Air Traffic Controller. Now studying towards Certificate III in Children Services.

I have created an environment where children can be set free and follow their impulses to explore their creativity and curiosity.

My philosophy is inspired by Maria Montessori who believes that children are natural learners and that most of all they need freedom to become the persons that they are meant to be.

She also sustains that children absorb the world around them and true discipline and harmony is something that comes from within and not something that can be enforced.

I believe that we are what we eat and one of my most important goals is to help the parents to raise healthy children and that is why I provide mostly organic healthy home cooked meals.

I believe that music is an amazing instrument that helps the children improve their language skills, their self esteem, their listening skills and stimulates their brain connection. For all the above music plays an important role in my services and we have music classes with UKUBEBE every 2 weeks where all the mums and children are invited to participate.