Creative Streets Grants

This program aims to support a community initiative that improves a Waverley streetscape.  The project must make a positive contribution to a public space in line with Waverley's Community Strategic Plan, utilising Waverley's Urban Intervention Framework. The Urban Intervention Framework encourages 'short term action for longer term change'.  It recognises that small changes can have a big impact on our streets and communities.

Who can apply

Individuals, community groups and services, precinct  groups, schools and local businesses can apply with proposals that contribute to improving Waverley's streetscapes. Before submitting a proposals for a garden on public land, please email

How much money is available

One grant of $5,000 is made available each year.  Applicants are encouraged to contribute towards their proposed project through cash and or in-kind contributions.

Application Closing Dates

Next round closing Monday, 4 April 2022.

Writing your application

Please read the Program Guidelines and ensure that your application provides the detail required for assessment. This includes detail about what you plan to do, who will be involved in the delivery of the project, how the project will improve the street scape and how the grant funding will help you to deliver it.

Projects could include:

  • Colourful planter boxes to green a bare street
  • Anti-graffiti mural on a wall that is often tagged
  • Temporary Public artworks for streets that need colour and life
  • Building a ‘Better Block’ for streets needing strong community connections
  • Pop-up Play spaces for areas with inactive children
  • Street library boxes for areas with children improving education and community interaction
  • Fairy Lights for areas that need activity, fun and public safety
  • Temporary public seating installations for an area with no seats but a great view.

A group or individual must have the written consent of the site or property owner prior to applying for the grant. Any proposals on Council land must have written support from Waverley Council submitted with the application form.

If your application is successful, you must agree to

Use the grant for the purpose stated in the application within 12 months, or make an application for a variation and/ or extension

Accept Council's general terms and conditions, and any special conditions that may be specified in you letter of offer

Acknowledge Council’s support in promotional material and other information relating to the project

Submit Council’s Acquittal Form and provide a short evaluation report immediately following project completion including:

  • A financial statement with evidence of expenditure
  • A brief project summary, and a photo that Council may use to promote awareness of community achievements under the Small Grants Program.

Submit your application

For more information
Francisco Mota
Phone: 9083 8159