Small grants at work


Waverley’s small grants program enables Council to provide support for a wide variety of community initiatives. Roughly $100,000 is allocated each year to small grants, with applications sought in two rounds in March and September. Click below to see some of the community projects that have come to life through the support of this program.

Community & Cultural: Bondi Surf Life Saving Club

Recipient: Bondi Surf Life Saving Club (Bondi SLSC)

Amount received: $3,050

About the project: With an aim to preserve the rich local history of their club beginning in 1907, Bondi SLSC received a grant to help store, catalogue and digitise their archival records including images, annual reports and minutes of meetings, objects such as a bronze emergency bell, hand-made wooden surf craft, and fragile textiles.

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Community & Cultural: Pound Paws

Recipient: Brittany Bloomer, founder of Pound Paws

Amount received:

About the project: Pound Paws is a celebration of furry four-legged friends in need of forever homes. In addition to a rescue dog adoption parade, the event is an opportunity for the community (both human and canine) to come together and share tips on responsible pet ownership.

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Environmental: Nefesh Synagogue

Recipient: Nefesh Synagogue

Amount received: $3,500

About the project: With help from Council's Small Grants and Solar my Suburb programs, Nefesh Synagogue is leading the way in renewable energy  by producing locally generated, green energy to power its facilities. This 16kW system will save the Bondi synagogue $49,00 each year, an estimated energy saving of 28 MWh per year. The system has a payback period of approximately 7.2 years. Annually, it's estimated the system will:

  • Save 53% on facility’s energy bill
  • Produce enough power equal to running 5 homes
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 25 tonnes, equivalent to taking 9 cars off the road


Environmental: Wee Care Early Education Centre

Recipient: Wee Care Early Education Centre

Amount received: $2,000

About the project: Wee Care installed a native beehive and planted a mix of flowering native bushtucker plants to help increase local biodiversity. Not only are the bees happy with their new home but the children couldn't be more thrilled to learn about their new friends.


Environmental: Bondi Public School

Recipient: Bondi Public School

Amount received: $5,000

About the project: Bondi Public School installed water saving wicking garden beds for their flourishing kitchen garden. The project saw them replace their old garden beds, which is used to grow vegetables, and replace them with 35 wicking beds. The original beds were watered by an irrigation system four times a week which used an enormous amount of water, roughly 55984 litres every six months. The new beds aim to reduce the amount of water needed and only need to be filled up every few months. Over a six-month period a total of 12128 litres of water has been used which is a 70% reduction in water saving.


Environmental: Rose Bay Secondary College

Recipient: Rose Bay Secondary College

Amount received: $2,500

About the project: Rose Bay Secondary College was provided funding to help create a native garden to support their recently installed native bee hive. The garden features a frog pond and more than 30 species of indigenous plants which will provide students with an abundance of sustainable, locally-grown food in the years to come.

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