COVID Safe Businesses

The NSW Government has prepared COVID-19 safety plans for businesses to implement. Waverley Council is encouraging all local businesses in the LGA to show your commitment to community safety by completing a COVID-19 safety plan and registering as a COVID Safe business. To complete the process, click here.

See below for steps on how to become a COVID Safe business:

Step one: Complete a COVID-19 safety plan

COVID -19 safety plans help to protect your staff, customers and visitors as you get back to business. Some businesses will need to complete the safety plan under the public health orders, but you can also voluntarily complete one as well. To find out if you are required  to complete one under the NSW Government's public health orders, see here. There are different plans for different industries, and they al provide tailored advice on:

  • Hygiene and safety
  • Physical distancing
  • Recording contact details of staff and customers
  • Staff wellbeing

Step two: Register as a COVID Safe business

As a COVID Safe business, you'll be able to show customers that you are committed to keeping them safe. Customers will also be able to provide real-time feedback on your safety performance. You can register online after you have completed your COVID-19 safety plan. Once you've registered, you'll receive:

  • Digital COVID Safe badge for use on Google and social channels
  • Posters on safety and hygiene
  • Reports on how your customers rate your business safety

Step three: Show that you're COVID Safe

The final step is showing that you're doing your part to keep our community COVID Safe. To do this:

  • Download and display your COVID Safe posters and make your customers feel confident
  • Share your completed COVID-19 safety plan with your staff to ensure their wellbeing
  • Display your COVID Safe badge on your digital and social channels such as Facebook and Google Maps
  • Train new workers to act in a COVID Safe way
  • Keep your plan up-to-date when there are changes to the rules