Smart Cities

Smart technology interacts with our lives every single day with a focus of making life easier and more connected. It represents a step forward for the entire Waverley community, creating a more seamless experience through digital access to information, enhanced service delivery for customers and staff, management efficiencies through linked systems, physical improvements to public spaces, and enabling job growth in relation to innovation.

Smart technology has matured to a level that it has begun extending from our personal lives and homes into our public spaces and services with smart initiatives being implemented in most local communities across Australia.

Smart Waverley

Council recognises the future is increasingly digital and is committed to transitioning the community into the future of smart technology. Waverley Council has already delivered a range of Smart City related projects since 2015 and since then, multiple teams across Council have contributed significantly to development of the Smart Waverley Strategy 2023. This strategy sets the direction for a smarter more connected community. The strategy was awarded finalist status by the Smart Cities Council of Australia and New Zealand at their annual awards during Smart City Week in 2019.

Click on the below image to view Council's interactive Smart City timeline and learn more about our projects over the last seven years.

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The Smart Waverley Program involves the implementation of actions from the strategy. Actions have been divided into 6 key priority areas. Responsibility of delivery belongs to respective teams across the organisation.

Council’s progress in delivering the Smart Waverley Program


Projects delivered

  1. Public Wi-Fi – hyperlink to success story summary page (action 3.1.1)
  2. Solar Waste Bins (action 2.2.2)
  3. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (action 2.1.1)
  4. Smart Car Parks (action 6.2.1)
  5. Stormwater Leak Detection (action 2.1.2)
  6. Continued adoption of Cloud services (action 3.1.1)
  7. Implement digital phone payments to all parking meters (action 6.2.2)
  8. Smart Waverley Program case studies

Note: Link to case studies and dashboards for each project

Projects in progress

  1. Establishment of Council dashboards (internal and external) (action 1.2.2)
  2. Installation of multi-function poles (action 2.1.1)
  3. Air Conditioning to Waverley Library – HVAC IoT system (action 2.1.1)
  4. Investigate options for implementing a LoRaWAN across the LGA for public/council use (action 3.1.1)
  5. Implementation of an integrated Asset Management system (action 4.2.2)
  6. Smart city transport and parking initiative (action 6.1.1)
  7. Link real-time occupancy in Council car parks with digital signage, Council's website and app developers (action 6.2.1)

Updated: January 2020

Working with Waverley

Waverley Council is committed to delivering improvements through the delivery of its smart Waverley Program. We often explore new ideas or proven technologies that offer a market product or service that benefit the Waverley community. Should you have a product or service that relates to the physical or digital environment then please contact us for a confidential discussion.


For any information about any of our projects or about the Smart Waverley Program, please contact a Council representative:

David Edwards
Manager of E-solutions
Smart Cities Co-lead (Technical)

John Coudounaris
Economic Development Manager
Smart Cities Co-lead (Strategy)

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Need more information?

David Edwards
Manager of E-solutions
Smart Cities Co-lead (Technical) 
Phone: 9083 8235

John Coudounaris  
Economic Development Manager  
Smart Cities Co-lead (Strategy)
Phone: 9083 8104

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