Charing Cross Streetscape Upgrade

Charing Cross, Bronte Rd

Charing Cross was Waverley’s first village and is the second-oldest shopping strip in Sydney. We are planning on upgrading the streetscape along Bronte Rd to highlight the important heritage features and improve safety and experience.

A concept design was developed using the key ideas from Waverley’s Liveable Places Centres Strategy 2020 and included:

  • Upgraded landscaping, including new trees and street furniture
  • Safety improvements for all transport modes, including the introduction of a 40km/h area
  • Improved sustainability through new bioretention tree pits
  • Widening of footpaths to improve public amenity and access
  • Undergrounding of overhead powerlines
  • New multipoles and upgraded lighting
  • Improved stormwater infrastructure

Consultation on the concept was open 21 April to 19 May 2021.

For all the results from the consultation, read the full consultation summary report.

On 22 June Council meeting it was decided to defer Charing Cross Streetscape Upgrade to the July Council meeting where Council officers have been asked to present an updated report that reconsiders options to accommodate the following additional matters:

  1. The streetscape upgrade is driven first and foremost by heritage principles.
  2. Process and timing for the development of a Built Form Master Plan for Charing Cross (including Awning Strategy).
  3. Retention of existing footpath width.
  4. Moving the central raised pedestrian crossing further down Bronte Road in the vicinity of the House of Handsome.
  5. Choice of tree species, including low trees that do not obscure first level heritage façades.
  6. Consideration of light poles that, while having the functionally of a multipole, are designed in keeping with the heritage character and do not incorporate a banner arm.
  7. Additional changes to the Carrington/Bronte/Victoria and Bronte/Albion intersections to further improve safety.
  8. Consideration of hanging baskets and seating appropriate to the heritage values of the area.

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