How can you use it?

If visitors are a primary market for your business, you should…

  • Use the data against your P&L account figures. If Visitation is dropping or increasing, this may be reflected in your accounts.
  • If Visitation is tracking downwards, it’s wise to look at your promotions and local marketing initiatives to support your business with local market opportunities.
  • If Visitation is tracking upwards, how can this be leveraged? Where can you position your brand to capture the excess?

There are a range of tourism research bodies in Australia. Tourism Research Australia (TRA) conduct two main pieces of research quarterly – the National Visitor Survey and International Visitor Survey. This research is then taken by tourism bodies to draw local insights into the tourism industry. Council works with Tourism Solutions Research to access these quarterly reports on domestic and international visitation across day and overnight visits. Overnight visitors are considered as a ‘high value’ visitor and contribute much more to the local economy.

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