Community profile

  • What are our population characteristics?
  • How have we changed since 2006?
  • How do we compare with other areas?

To find out, visit Waverley Council's Community Profile and Social Atlas

Council’s Community Profile tells you what our community looks like.

It's a fantastic tool for everyone to find out about community characteristics and demographic trends. The profile is now updated to include census data from 1991 to 2011 with more features and updates to come. It’s quick and easy to use and let’s you export tables, maps, charts and text.

The Waverley Social Atlas presents socio-demographic characteristics as interactive maps. You can see where lone person households are located or where Waverley’s recently arrived residents live; display the distribution of households paying high rents or the spread of older people across the LGA.

Need to know more?

For more information please contact Annette Trubenbach on (02) 9083 8911 or email

To follow population change across Australia, including trends, case studies and latest figures, visit .id’s blog

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