Business safety

Important update for all businesses in New South Wales

With the growing risk of COVID-19, new measures are in place across NSW to help protect our community. It is important that all businesses regularly check the Service NSW website for the latest information and to understand how these measures impact you.

With the NSW Government's recent stay-at-home orders for the Waverley community, some businesses have been required to close and others have been allowed to stay open with further health and safety restrictions in place, such as wearing masks indoor. Read more about the stay-at-home orders and restrictions that are in place here

For businesses that can remain open, it's vital that:

1. Have a COVID-Safe Plan in place

It’s strongly recommended all businesses have an up-to-date COVID-19 Safety Plan in place. For some businesses it is mandatory. It provides you and your customers the confidence that you are doing all you can to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Once completed, you can register your business as COVID Safe.

2. Use the NSW Government QR code 'check in' system

Once you’re registered as COVID-Safe, you can access the NSW Government's QR code. This makes it quick and easy for customers, staff, delivery drivers and contractors to check in and plays a vital role for our contact tracers if an outbreak was to occur.​

The use of the Service NSW QR code is now mandatory at all workplaces and retail businesses. Businesses must display the QR code and take reasonable steps to ensure people entering their premises check in using the code or digital sign-in sheet. Importantly, this includes all staff, employees and visitors. Businesses can find the application form and more information here

3. Practise COVID-safe behaviours

COVID-safe behaviours are just as important as ever. Wash and sanitise hands regularly, and socially distance wherever possible. Staff must self-isolate and get tested immediately if unwell, even with mild symptoms, then follow the health advice on when they should return to work.

These are critical measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community and everyone's actions will make a difference.

Further information on tightened restrictions

Mask wearing requirements

As we're all aware, masks must be worn indoors. However, the Public Health Orders also require masks to be worn in outdoor areas such as high pedestrian areas of whilst queuing outside for goods and services (e.g. waiting to pick up coffee etc.). For more information on wearing masks outdoors, please click here

Retail premises providing essential products and services

Most retail premises are required to close unless operating 'click and collect', takeaway or home delivery services. Retail premises that can remain open include supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies and chemists, post offices and petrol stations. Check out the full list here

Construction paused

All construction and non-urgent maintenance, including cleaning services, and repair work on residential premises, are to be paused in Greater Sydney, unless the work is urgently required for the following purposes:

  • To ensure the safety or security of the construction site to deal with environmental risks
  • To maintain and ensure the integrity of critical plant equipment or assets, including partially completed works, that would otherwise deteriorate
  • To receive deliveries of supplies that would otherwise deteriorate
  • To maintain public utilities to ensure the safe operation of existing transport infrastructure by or on behalf of NSW Health in response to the COVID-19 pandemic because of an emergency.

View page 23 (section 24AB) of the Public Health Order for more information

Businesses cannot carry out cleaning, repairs, maintenance, alterations, additions or other trades at residences, unless the work is urgently required to ensure the health, safety or security of the place of residence or the members of the household, or because of an emergency.

View page 19 (section 22A, sub clause 4B) of the Public Health Order for more information

Work from home for employees mandated

From 12.01am on Wednesday 21 July, employers must allow employees to work from home if the employee is able to do so. Failure to comply may result in a fine of up to $10,000.

Please note, Waverley Council is not able to enforce the NSW Government's Public Health Orders. If you require assistance or need to make a complaint in relation to restrictions being adhered to, please contact NSW Police.