City2Surf beach marquee CANCELLED FOR 2022

Due to current and foreseeable beach conditions, Council has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s ‘Beach Marquees’ event. We hope to be back in 2023.

Please note that the ‘Beach Marquees’ is a Waverley Council event delivered in association with the City2Surf fun run. Cancellation of the ‘Beach Marquees’ has no bearing on the 14-kilometre City2Surf charity fun run.

Beach Marquee Program, 14 August 2022 – IRONMAN City2Surf

What is included in each Marquee Hire?

  • 5m (W) x 10m (L) floored marquee on Bondi Beach – please note that marquee entry is from the Promenade side
  • An outside area oceanside of your marquee (5m x 10m sand floor) with a perimeter fence
    • Recommended capacity for each marquee is 50-60 patrons (for comfort). Maximum permissible capacity is 80 patrons (for safety). Please bear in mind that your space will be crowded at 80 patrons.
  • A walkway from the promenade to your marquee for easy access
  • External bulk skip bins – please note that internal bins for your marquee are not provided. Clear bin bags, however, are provided.
  • 5 x 2m round tables and 2 x 1.8m trestle tables (with tablecloths); 50 x chairs. Please note that furniture upgrade packages will be available from Harry the Hirer, our marquee supplier
  • A sign with your organisation or team name

Marquee Hire Fee: Between $13,000 and $13,100 (inc. GST) – Exact figure to be determined

Please email for help with the application form or any other queries you may have.


What time can vehicles access the site to deliver equipment etc?

There are many marquee hirers, with limited space on the Promenade. There are also significant time pressures ahead of the race on the Sunday morning. The bump-in is therefore broken into two sections so that we can manage this efficiently.

You will be required to advise which bump in time/s you will be utilising.

Saturday 13 August:  3pm - 8pm

This is for the delivery and setting-up of large or complex items, such as catering equipment, substantial decor and additional furniture.

If you have arranged a furniture upgrade package (or anything else) through Harry the Hirer, delivery will be looked after for you.

Please note that you will be required to provide an overnight security guard (or someone to stay with the marquee) if you are bringing items into your marquee on the Saturday.

Sunday 14 August: 3am – 6am

This is for food and drink deliveries only (as well as a minimal number of tables, tubs etc. associated with food and drink).  Rubbish bins and basic decorative items can also be delivered at this time. Any substantial items must be brought to site on Saturday 13 July (as above).


What time do marquees need to be vacated?

Guests must vacate marquees by 3 p.m. They need to be tidied and cleared by 3.30 p.m. Furniture must be stacked and all rubbish deposited into the skip bins by this time. A Waverley Council representative will sign you out once this has been done.

What time can I return to pick up all equipment?

Re-opening the roads to provide bump-out access is a Police decision. We will provide updates as the afternoon progresses. Typically, re-entry to the Promenade to pick up goods is possible from 3.30 - 4 p.m.

Are there bins I can use?

Council will provide skip bins behind the marquees for you to place your marquee waste into. All rubbish must be removed from your marquee and placed into the appropriate skip bin prior to vacating.

You will need to provide your own bins within your marquee area, with waste streams separated into ‘General Waste’, ‘Paper and Cardboard’ and ‘Bottles and Cans’.  Clear bin liners will be distributed to each marquee for your bins. This will allow us to ensure that waste stream separation is occurring as required.

Can I use glass?

Glass is not allowed on the sand or Promenade.  You are permitted to have glass inside your marquee.

Can I serve alcohol?

Alcohol may be served (not sold) to your guests in line with RSA requirements. Bondi Beach is an alcohol-free area; this means no alcohol is to be consumed outside your marquee area.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not permitted on the beach or inside the marquees. Smoking is permitted on the Promenade.

Can I place a banner and/or signage outside the marquee?

Yes. Tear drop banners (or similar) with your organisation and/or team name are permitted on the ocean side of your marquee only. No third-party advertising or branding is permitted. You can brand the inside the marquee as much as you like.

Please note that balloons are not permitted.

Can I hand out marketing or promotional materials to the public?

Handing out marketing or promotional materials of any kind is not permitted anywhere outside your marquee.

Is power provided in the marquee?

Power is not provided as part of your basic marquee hire. If you require power (including a light), please contact Tracey at Waverley Council as soon as possible to discuss your requirements so that we can plan for this. There will be additional charges for power. You will be advised of these charges once we know what the power uptake is – charges will be on a ‘cost recovery’ basis.

Please note that private generators are not permitted.

Is there access to water for cooking, drinking, cleaning etc.?

You must bring your own supply of water for all your needs. If you are self-catering, please note that there are no facilities provided for hand washing – you will need to provide your own water for this. You cannot ‘wash up’ plates, pots etc. at the marquees.

What if I need to hire BBQS, additional furniture, fire extinguishers etc?

Additional furniture and equipment can be hired from Harry the Hirer, who will have a range of high-quality packages available. These will be at an additional cost and arranged directly with Harry the Hirer. Please email David Haslam at

You can also bring your own equipment or utilise other suppliers. If you do so, you must advise us what is coming. You must bring any additional furniture and substantial equipment to the site on the Saturday before the event (see above). It is a lot for us to manage vehicle and space-wise; we need to know full details at least two weeks in advance of the event.

Are toilets provided at the marquees?

A limited number of toilets will be provided for the shared use of all marquee guests. If you would like to hire a toilet or toilets for the exclusive use of your marquee guests, please contact Tracey at Waverley Council as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. There will be additional charges for private toilets.

What happens if there is an issue with the marquee on the day?

Waverley Council and Harry the Hirer will have representatives on site to assist you and manage any issues on the day. We will be very visible and helpful! Please speak to us and we will attempt to resolve the problem.


You will need to organise your own catering for the day. You can either;

  • self-cater (pre-prepared food or simple cooking/barbecuing only)
  • engage one of our ‘preferred caterers’. This is recommended as the caterers are high quality, well set-up and offer a range of competitive packages

Whichever option you choose, you will need to advise Tracey at Council as soon as possible of what you plan to do. We can then plan space-wise for any additional catering infrastructure that is required.

All caterers will need to provide their Certificate of Food Shop Operation. If caterers/self-caterers do not have one, they must apply here.

For more information about this process please click here

A list of preferred caterers and details of their packages will be available soon. We will provide this information to you as soon as it has been finalised.

If you are self-catering, please note that catering marquees will need to have 3 covered sides, a roof and be appropriately weighted. They cannot be tied to marquees, skip bins or Promenade railings.

If you are bringing a barbecue or barbecues, please advise how many so that we can provide plywood to place on the sand under the barbecues. The Waverley Council Site Manager will allocate the plywood.

Temporary Food Stall Application

A Temporary Food Stall Application will need to be filled out if you are self-catering.

Link will be updated shortly.

If you use a preferred caterer this will be looked after for you.

How will I know which marquee is ours?

Before event day you will be emailed an Information Pack with a map showing your marquee number/s and location. Also, on the outside of each marquee on the Promenade side, the hirer’s organisation or team name will be displayed on a black and white sign.


Council does not provide any parking. Parking will be very limited in the immediate area on race day.

Do I need to know anything else?

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Hire on the Application Form and check the required boxes before submitting your application.

If you have any questions, or require assistance with the Application, please email Tracey at

Application form

Please read the Terms and Conditions form.

Please fill out the online application form:

Applications close on 30 June. Invoices will be sent to hirers in the first week of July and will be payable by Friday 15 July.

Thank you – we look forward to seeing you for a great day at the beach!

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