Repealed Development Control Plans

With the adoption of Waverley DCP 2012 the following DCP has been repealed. These documents have been provided for general information.

Repealed Waverley Development Control Plan 2010

The Waverley Development Control Plan 2010 was adopted on 15 June 2010 and came into force on 23 June 2010 and is downloadable as follows:

Waverley Development Control Plan 2010
Part Title & Table of Contents
A Preliminary/statutory information
B Submitting a Development Application
C DA Requirements
Exempt and Complying Development Bondi Junction
C2 Exempt and Complying Development
C3 Advertising and Notification
D Residential
D1 Dwelling House and Dual Occupancy Development
D2 Multi-Unit Housing
D3 Boarding House, Backpackers and Bed and Breakfast Establishments
E Commercial
E1 Retail and Commercial
E2 Advertising and Signage
E3 Footpath Seating for Restaurants
E4 Early Education Centres
F Site Specific
F1 Bondi Junction Commercial Centre
F2 Bondi Beach
F3 Imperial Avenue
F4 36-48 Ocean Street
F5 Local Village Centres
G Environment
G1 Waste
G2 Solar Access
G3 Telecommunication and Radiocommunication
G4 Water Management
H Heritage
H1 Heritage Conservation
H2 Charing Cross Conservation Area
I Land Use and Transport
I1 Land Use and Transport
- Definitions