Policies & guidelines

Council has a number of policies and guidelines that provide additional information and guidance to the controls included within the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and the Waverley Development Control Plan (DCP).

Section 7.12 - Developer Contributions

As per Section 7.12 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Waverley Council can levy development contributions towards the cost of public facilities and services to meet the increased demand created by new development.

Planning Agreements (PAs)

A Planning Agreement (PA) is an agreement entered into by Council and a developer. Under the agreement, a developer agrees to provide or fund the likes of public amenities and public services, affordable housing, transport or other infrastructure. Council's Planning Agreement Policy 2014 came into effect on 21 October 2014.

Coastal Risk Management Policy

This Coastal Risk Management Policy identifies the property lots identified in the Waverley Council Coastal Risks and Hazards Vulnerability Study 2011 as at risk of coastal inundation and/or geotechnical hazards, the basis for this identification and Council’s management response. For more information, visit the Coastal Management page of Council's website.

Tree Management Policy

The Waverley Council Tree Management Policy (TMP) provides the framework for the management of all trees within the Waverley Local Government Area. It was adopted in 2007 after a comprehensive study of the key issues relating to tree management and followed a period of consultation with the community. For more information, visit the Tree and Development page of Council's website.

Public Domain Technical Manual 2017

The purpose of this Public Domain Technical Manual (PDTM) is to promote and reinforce a strong sense of place in Waverley’s civic spaces. It will help to improve the quality of the public domain and provide a continuity of design across Waverley’s diverse urban landscape. The Technical Manual provides a coordinated, standard palette of materials, finishes and furniture to guide the design and maintenance of village centres, parks, open spaces and streets throughout the municipality.

Waverley Heritage Policy and Inter-War Factsheets

A number of heritage studies have been completed for Waverley Council which document our history and significant heritage places. The Waverley Heritage Policy identifies and assesses individual items, heritage conservation groups and conservation areas that are of notable heritage significance and value. The Inter-War factsheets have been designed to provide useful information on maintaining and altering residential flat buildings which were designed and built in the Inter-War period (c.1920s-1940s).

Water Management Technical Manual

The Water Management Technical Guidelines serves to provide stand alone technical guidelines to community, developers and Council for matters relating to water management. It contains planning controls relating to the management of all aspects of the water cycle in an integrated and consistent manner. The planning controls promote the need for long-term sustainable social, ecological and economic outcomes.

Other policies

A list of other current Council policies can be found on the Plans, policies and reports page.

Need further information on Council policies? 

Contact Council's Urban Planning, Policy and Strategy Department and ask to speak to a Strategic Planner on (02) 9083 8000.

Need more information?

Council has a Duty Planner available for general enquiries relating to the planning process, policies and lodgement requirements. The Duty Officer is not able to provide detailed planning advice or high level planning information.

You can email your enquiry to duty.planner@waverley.nsw.gov.au or

Phone: 9083 8000