Notts Avenue Safety & Streetscape Upgrade

Notts Ave - concept

We're working on Notts Avenue to improve the safety and amenity for residents, businesses, visitors and the one million yearly users of the Coastal Walk.

The streetscape upgrade includes;

  • 10km/h shared zone including removing existing kerb, gutter, footpaths and new paving installed throughout
  • new light poles
  • a cantilevered lookout
  • a shade structure
  • upgraded balustrade
  • two Cabbage Palm trees at the entrance to Notts Ave
  • low tree coverage throughout (Coastal Banksia)
  • marked car spots (19) including a complaint accessible space and motorbike parking area
  • loading zones (2) remain with new signage


Early works start Monday 6 April 2020, in stages to minimise inconvenience to users. Construction will be completed by 27 November 2020.

Community Consultation

Thank you to all who participated in our community consultation. We have had two consultation stages throughout the process.

To keep up to date with the latest in Notts Ave and general consultations, please visit

Need more information?

Jordan Laverty

Project Manager, Renewal