Campbell Parade Streetscape Upgrade

Important project update: Campbell Parade Streetscape Upgrade is an ongoing design project that has been put on hold as of the 20/21 Operational Plan until other major projects within the local government area are complete.

Waverley’s streets are vital to the success of our community. Streets provide links for transport movement, and are also places for people to meet, shop and linger. Waverley's People, Movement and Places Strategy aims to make it easier for people to move around by improving the quality of our streetscapes and public places.

We want to make streetscapes more liveable, sustainable and equitable for everybody in the community now and into the future.

Council is planning to upgrade all of Campbell Parade so that the street is more liveable and attractive for everyone in the community.

Consultants, Aspect Studios, have done an analysis study of Campbell Parade and have identified three guiding values for the consultation:

  • The Bondi Identity
  • Pedestrian First
  • Connect the Shops, Park and Beach.

Another value, Enhancing Resident Amenity is being considered.

As a first step we want to know what will be most important to you in the upgrade.

Your feedback will inform the design and shape the guiding vision for the project.

Why are we upgrading Campbell Parade?

In December 2017, Council adopted Waverley’s People, Movement and Places Study: a study of where we go and how we get there, which identifies Campbell Parade in four signature projects and 20 specific actions.

Further to this, analysis of Campbell Parade shows it is underperforming in many areas, including:

  • Being motor vehicle dominated, which means it’s a hostile place for people. In some parts it’s as much as 82% road and 18% footpath
  • There is little shade, it feels hot and exposed. At the moment, there is only 4% tree canopy coverage along the street. The State Government target for an area like this is 25%.
  • Mostly hard surfaces with little vegetation, making it not an inviting, green place.

Next steps

In November and December 2018, Council undertook community consultation to find out what people want from the upgrade.

A report detailing the results of the consultation will go to Council in the coming months for consideration on how to progress.

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