Bronte Village Centre Upgrade

These works will improve pedestrian safety and amenity and create an integrated public transport interchange with safer and accessible access.

Construction work will occur Monday to Friday, 7am – 5pm and Saturday 8am – 3pm.

Update: 10/09/19 Stage 4 construction (business/residential side of Bronte Rd)

Construction has progressed on Stage 4 of the Bronte Village Centre Upgrade.

Council, in consultation with businesses, decided to extend work hours for this stage to reduce overall construction time. From Monday 9 September to 23 September work will occur from 7am – 10pm Monday to Friday, with no noisy works to after 8pm. Works on Saturday will occur between 8am – 3pm.

Construction of Stage 4 will be in sub-stages, some parking will be affected and there will be some noise, however we will make every effort to minimise inconvenience.

The Streetscape Upgrade Design

The design is based on the consultation feedback received from the Have Your Say Waverley Consultation 2016/2017 and the Bronte Plan of Management.

We aim to:

  • Provide a unique arrival experience for users of Bronte Park and Village Centre
  • Improve pedestrian safety by increasing the available footpath for pedestrians along Bronte Road
  • Reinforce the connection between Bronte Park and the Village Centre
  • Provide an integrated link that connects Bronte Park and Village Centre with the bus interchange
  • Improve access and wayfinding for all abilities and users of the park
  • Facilitate bus turning and manoeuvres at the bus interchange
  • Improve public domain at Bronte Village Centre

The proposed works include:

  • Widen existing footpaths to increase pedestrian safety and movement
  • Enhanced feature paving and pedestrian connectivity
  • Widen footpath to enhance bus interchange to cater for pedestrian circulation
  • New accessible path link to Bronte Park
  • Realignment of existing retaining wall to cater for bus swept paths and eliminate pedestrian conflict
  • Increased motorcycle parking and disabled parking spaces.

Council, STA and RMS agreed on the design in late 2017, and the project was approved by Waverley's Traffic Committee and endorsed by Council in late 2017.

Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

In late 2018, Council engaged consultants Andrew Robinson Planning Services (ARPS) Pty Ltd to undertake a Review of Environmental Factors, which assesses the scope of the project against Clause 228 of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP&A Regulation).

REF Outcomes

ARPS concluded that:

The proposed upgrade works at Bronte Village and Bronte Park have the potential to result in some minor environmental impacts with respect to acid sulfate soils, heritage, traffic and access, noise and air quality, tree removal and management, visual impacts and waste storage and disposal. Notwithstanding, the safeguards and mitigation measures that are detailed in this Review of Environmental Factors will ameliorate or minimise these expected impacts. The proposal will also realise a number of positive impacts, including an improvement to the streetscape character and public domain amenity, improved legibility of the entry to Bronte Park, and improved pedestrian safety and amenity for the benefit of the wider community. On balance the proposal is considered justified.

The environmental impacts of the proposal are not likely to be significant and therefore it is not necessary for approval to be sought for the proposal under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979. The proposal will not have a substantial impact on any matters of national environmental significance.

The REF also recommends a number of safeguards and mitigation measures which will be reflected in the construction documentation.

Peer Review of REF and Review of Submissions Received

The REF report was on public exhibition in January and February 2019. The REF, along with submissions received during the exhibition period were assessed by an external planning consultant LK Planning Peer Review.

The review of the REF concluded:

Waverley Council can be satisfied that the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) meets its obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and associated legislation. The documentation relied upon by Andrew Robinson Planning Services (ARPS) is thorough and the methodology of the assessment is robust and complete, as is the REF itself.

The project would benefit from a modest adjustment to the safeguards and mitigation measures identified in the REF and these are included in the Recommendations of this report.

The LK Planning Review of Submissions from the Public Consultation concluded that:

The consultation process attracted submissions from 50 people within the local resident and business community. The value of the consultation is inherently evident in this report, given the number and nature of the concerns raised.

Having considered the public submissions, it is my conclusion that if further analysis were undertaken it would not satisfy all of the varied opinions about this project. The REF is thorough and demonstrates that the project has planning merit. Some additional mitigation measures could be explored to address some of the shared concerns and these form part of the recommendations of this report.

The recommended refinements include:

  • Further mitigation measures relating to construction related impacts;
  • Additional information in the relation to construction hours and communication of project milestones and anticipated disruption periods; and
  • Amendment of the plans to remove the 'chicane' at the northern end of the pedestrian crossing.

More information

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