Bondi Junction Cycleway & Streetscape Upgrade

Connecting Bondi Junction to Sydney’s CBD

The Bondi Junction Cycleway and Streetscape Upgrade is a priority project from Complete Streets, where we green and beautify public areas and footpaths, make meeting places more appealing and improve connections for cycling, walking and access to public transport.

The cycleway travels through Bondi Junction commercial centre, linking Oxford Street, Syd Einfeld Drive and Bondi Road to an existing cycleway at the northeastern corner of Centennial Park.

The streetscape upgrade includes:

  • improved safety with new signalised crossings
  • planting 50 new trees
  • new street lights
  • street furniture
  • garden beds
  • replacing the roads, paving and footpaths
  • the installation of a bi-directional cycleway


Construction began in August 2019. The project will be completed in various stages (7) to minimise disruption for cars, cyclists, pedestrians and residents/businesses.

Generally, works will take place from 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday, with the occasional Saturday shift and night shift. Night shifts will often be 5pm-various finishing times.

We will take steps to minimise impacts however, there will be ongoing machinery noise, dust and temporary changes to traffic conditions .


Expected construction timeframes

Location / description Expected dates/Updates
Early works and service investigations Complete
Spring St between Newland St and Denison St and Denison St, between Spring St and Oxford St Completed Mar 2020
Spring St between Newland St and Bronte Rd Apr - Nov 2020

Oxford St between Denison St and St James Rd

Nov - May 2021
Bronte Rd between Ebley St and Oxford St To be confirmed
Oxford St East between Grosvenor St and Bondi RdTo be confirmed
Oxford St west of St James Rd To be confirmed



The project is a priority route driven by Waverley Council and the NSW Government with funding predominately provided by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Waverley Council began facilitating and developing the cycleway design in 2014, including public exhibition of the preliminary design.

Extensive consultation with technical stakeholders to address the feedback on aspects of the preliminary design followed. The final concept design was approved by the Traffic Committee in November 2017. This was endorsed by Council in December 2017.


The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure continues to support the delivery of the Bondi Junction Cycleway with approval of funding for the first and second stage of construction of the Cycleway. $6 million dollars of state funds through the Active Transport program has been released for the 2019-20 financial year. This funding allows construction works to commence, subsequent to completion of services investigations.

Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

The REF assessed the scope of the project against Clause 228 of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP&A Regulation). The REF allowed Council, as the determining authority for the project, to fulfil its duty to examine and take into account all matters affecting or likely to affect the environment by reason of the activity, as required under Section 5.5 (previously Section 111) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act).

The public exhibition of the REF Report, prepared by EMM Consulting, closed 28 February 2018. The REF Report was peer reviewed by an external consultant, LK Planning, along with all submissions received during the public exhibition. Recommendations from the Peer Review were actioned to ensure a more complete REF process.

Having assessed the Project in accordance with 5.5 of the Planning Act, and having regard to the REF documents, the General Manager of Waverley Council determined that the Project would proceed. The implementation of the mitigation measures recommended in the REF Report will occur.

Service and in-ground investigation work would be completed in early August 2019 and construction will begin late August 2019.

Design principles and route

A separated cycleway is best practice infrastructure, encouraging and enabling more people in the community to cycle in safety. The Bondi Junction cycleway will allow people of all ages and abilities, including families, to get out on their bike.

The cycleway will link Bondi Road to York Road via Bronte Road, Spring Street and Dennison, connecting the cycleway to the city via the existing cycling infrastructure.

Since the link was first proposed, extensive work was undertaken to address concerns with earlier proposals and has resulted in world-class design. It delivers cycle and pedestrian safety, improved streetscapes and contributes to Waverley Council’s Complete Streets with new street trees, footpaths and garden beds. The area will be an attractive and pleasant place to use, shop, work and live. In all, there will be 57 new trees planted.

What are the benefits of the Bondi Junction Cycleway?

Project benefits include:

  • safer cycling environment, resulting in increased cycling participation
  • safer environment for pedestrians
  • decreased traffic congestion with fewer cars on the road
  • less pressure on parking
  • reduced pressure on public transport
  • improved access to bus stops, particularly in east Oxford Street
  • full streetscape upgrade with full pavement upgrade, smart poles with Wi-Fi, improved street lighting, installation of a bio retention system and raingardens, and irrigation and stormwater quality improvements
  • street safety improvements including improving Nelson Street and Oxford Street crossing and Spring Street and Bronte Road pedestrian safety
  • the cycleway will bring more people into the Bondi Junction area, potentially boosting business.
  • Increased liveability in Waverley with improved community fitness and health

Benefits of Cycling:

  • Environmental benefits – It’s a pollution free mode of transport, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Health and Fitness benefits - It’s gentle on joints, a great workout and improves mental wellbeing and brainpower.
  • Economic – You will save money on public transport or petrol. The cost of buying and maintaining a bike is approximately 1 per cent of the cost of buying and maintaining a car. It saves time too by beating traffic as short journeys are often faster by bike than by car.

Keeping updated

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More Information

If you would like more information you can access the project’s FAQ document here. It will be updated on a regular basis.

If you would like to ask a specific question or make a comment about the cycleway you can email or call 9083 8000.

This project received funding from the NSW Government.