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Council is embarking on an important strategic planning project that will shape the future of Waverley. The review will be a three year process, which will consist of a number of stages as outlined in the timeline below. Council will seek input from the community throughout the project.

The project involves the development of a new Environmental Planning Instrument – the Waverley Local Strategic Planning Statement (WLSPS), as well as the comprehensive review of the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012 (WLEP) and Waverley Development Control Plan 2012 (WDCP).

As part of this project, Council is required to ‘give effect to’ the Greater Sydney Region Plan (the Region Plan) and the Eastern City District Plan (the District Plan) that have been prepared by the Greater Sydney Commission.

What is a Local Strategic Planning Statement?

A Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) provides a strategic planning narrative for a local area and aligns local planning and service delivery with the Regional and District Plans. The document will set out Waverley’s vision for our community as established in the Waverley Community Strategic Plan 2018-2029 (CSP) and identify key planning priorities, actions, and proposed mechanisms for measuring the successful delivery of the Waverley LSPS. The Waverley LSPS must also address relevant planning priorities and actions from the Region and District Plans.

The WLSPS will be used to guide the comprehensive review of the WLEP and the WDCP. To inform the update of the WLEP and WDCP, a number of other strategies are also currently being prepared by Council, including:

  • the Local Housing Discussion Paper which will inform the Local Housing Strategy and Affordable Housing Strategy
  • the Village Centres Strategy
  • an Urban Forest Strategy

On 4 June 2019, Council endorsed the Draft Waverley Local Strategic Planning Statement and Local Housing Discussion Paper for public exhibition. Council is seeking your feedback on these two documents which are on exhibition from 28 June–28 July 2019. The documents are now on exhibition at Council’s Have Your Say portal and at the Council’s Library and Customer Service Centre. Council is required to adopt the final WLSPS by 1 December 2019.

Legislative requirement  to undertake the project

As part of the recent changes to the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act), the review project is required to satisfy the legislative requirement under Section 3.8 of the EP&A Act that all councils in the Greater Sydney Region ‘give effect to’ (deliver) the objectives and priorities identified in the Region Plan and District Plan. This requires that Councils:

  • Review their strategic planning framework including a review of the existing local environmental plan (LEP) against the relevant District Plan; and
  • Undertake necessary studies and strategies and prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement which will guide the update of the LEP.

Waverley Council currently has one comprehensive LEP, the WLEP that applies to the entire local government area (LGA).



The project is divided into six phases. These are outlined below.

Phase 1 – The Health Check

Council has completed a review of our policies and plans against the Region and District Plan. This review is called The Health Check and is available on Council’s Have Your Say portal.

Phase 2 – Draft Waverley Local Strategic Planning Statement

This is an opportunity to engage. These draft documents are currently on exhibition at Council’s Have Your Say portal.

The WLSPS is a new strategic document that will identify:

  1. the basis for strategic planning in Waverley, having regard to economic, social and environmental matters,
  2. the planning priorities for the area that are consistent with the District Plan and the Waverley Community Strategic Plan 2018–2029,
  3. the actions required for achieving those planning priorities, and
  4. the basis on which the council is to monitor and report on the implementation of those actions.

The Health Check, engagement with our community, and the preparation of evidence in the form of strategic studies will guide the preparation of Waverley Local Strategic Planning Statement.

The development of a housing strategy is a specific requirement in the implementation of District Plans. Council must consider short and medium-term housing supply and longer-term capacity for housing. Council will be preparing this strategy concurrently to the Draft Waverley Local Strategic Planning Statement.

Phase 3 – Finalise Waverley Local Strategic Planning Statement

This is an opportunity to engage.

The draft WLSPS will be placed on public exhibition to get community feedback. To assist in explaining the context for the final WLSPS, Council may develop supporting material to explain the priorities identified in the draft, options considered and reasons for choices, as well as any relevant supporting plans and initiatives. Council will review submissions and make any modifications to planning priorities and actions as appropriate.

Phase 4 – Prepare Planning Proposal

The WLSPS will then be used to review Council’s WLEP and WDCP to achieve the actions and planning priorities in the WLSPS. The planning proposal is to be endorsed by council and forwarded to the DPE for a Gateway determination.

Phase 5 – Public Exhibition

This is an opportunity to engage.

When Council has a Gateway determination, the Planning Proposal to amend the WLEP will be placed on public exhibition, as well as the draft WDCP, to seek public feedback on the draft controls.

Phase 6 – Finalisation

Council is to review the draft planning documents following exhibition and attempt to resolve any issues raised in submissions by the public and agencies. Council may then resolve to adopt and implement the new WLEP and WDCP.

To help shape your villages by the sea

To help shape the future of Waverley, Have Your Say now on the Draft Waverley Local Strategic Planning Statement, and the Local Housing Discussion Paper. You can also register your interest to receive ongoing important updates and information about the project at the Have Your Say website.


Figure 1: NSW Strategic Planning Framework
Source: Department of Planning & Environment