Hugh Bamford Reserve & Williams Park Plan of Management

Hugh Bamford and Williams Park

Council has prepared a draft Plan of Management and Masterplan for Williams Park and Hugh Bamford Reserve. In conjunction with the Plan of Management, a comprehensive long term plan illustrating the design direction for the site (Masterplan) will be developed. Together the Plan of Management and the Master Plan will provide strategic and operational direction for the design and management of the park over the coming decade.

The draft Plan of Management was developed in consultation with stakeholders and the community. A broad range of consultation activities were programmed in April and May 2019, to involve stakeholder and the community in setting the direction, vision and values identified in this plan.

With consideration of the consultation feedback and specialist studies the Plan of Management was drafted. The Draft Plan retains existing key infrastructure, such as the training field at Hugh Bamford Reserve and the nine-hole golf course on Williams Park under a different management model as well as incorporating enhancements.

During August and September 2019, Council will be seeking feedback from the community about the draft Hugh Bamford Reserve and Williams Park Plan of Management. If you would like to be involved in consultation and be updated about this important project, please click here.

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