Boardwalk remediation - Diamond Bay

Eastern Ave & Diamond Bay reserve boardwalk

To ensure the safety and amenity of users of Eastern Ave and Diamond Bay Reserves, we repaired elements of the boardwalk. It is our intention to completely replace this structure in the next two years, however, until that time we completed necessary maintenance.

The remediation works started on 30 March and were finished at the end of June 2020.

Within this work, we:

  • Secured unstable timber balustrades with additional fixings
  • Ensured stairways and walkways are secure
  • Replaced stainless-steel wires on the balustrades
  • Replaced steel posts and timber handrails
  • Replaced some stair treads and walkway timbers

The work site was split between, Diamond Bay from the Ray and Kimberley Street entry to Craig Avenue entry and the Eastern Reserve boardwalk from Lancaster to Bulga Roads

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