Bondi Beach Playground maintenance

Bondi Playground

We’re working on some much needed repairs at Bondi Playground. These refurbishment works will improve inclusiveness, aesthetics, safety, usability, functionality and extend the lifespan of the facility. It is our intention to completely replace this structure following the completion of Bondi Pavilion Restoration and Conservation Project. Until that time we will be undertaking necessary maintenance.

Items already repaired or replaced:

  • Double swing
  • playground seating and picnic table
  • central Multi-play unit climbing elements
  • seesaw and rubber softfall
  • Central Multi-play unit slide
  • sandplay table with sand daisy wheel
  • water play tap.

Next round of works to include:

  • Picnic shelter to be refurbished
  • New water bubbler to be installed
  • New fence and gates to be installed
  • Toddler play pod area with shade structure and landscape upgrades to be installed

The majority of playground will remain open as much as practical during construction. There may be short intervals when we’ll need to close the playground for the works but we will work to ensure it is reopened as soon as possible.

This project received funding from the NSW Government.

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Carl Nugent, Senior Landscape Architect

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