Bondi Pavilion Restoration & Conservation Project

Bondi Pavilion Concept Aerial

On Thursday 19 December, the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel gave us the green light to restore the Pavilion to its former glory with a detailed design that has been guided by the Bondi Pavilion Conservation Management Plan (CMP) and extensive community consultation. This means we’re now able to commence start construction in June 2020, and initiatives are being planned to activate the location during the works.

So, what’s the plan? The new design, by architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (TZG), will integrate the outdoor and indoor spaces, connecting the beautiful Bondi Beach to the parklands and Campbell Parade, whilst celebrating the rich history that is the Bondi Pavilion.

Due to its historical importance, any works undertaken to the building are bound by Waverley Council’s Bondi Pavilion Conservation Management Plan (CMP). The CMP, which was adopted by Waverley Council in June 2018, recognises the Pavilion as the centrepiece of Bondi Park, community life and grand point of entry to Bondi Beach from Campbell Parade.


April 2019 – the Development Application (DA) for the Bondi Pavilion Restoration and Conservation project was formally lodged

December 2019 – the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel approved the DA

June 2020 – expected construction on the Pavilion begins

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For information on the history of the project, and the Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee click here.

Media Releases

    " "   Bondi Pavilion Restoration early works begin
    Fri, 06 Sep 2019

    Early works to restore the roof of Bondi Pavilion to its original design will begin on Tuesday 10 September, marking an important step in the progress of the restoration and conservation project.

    ""   Bondi Pavilion Restoration & Conservation Project
    Mon, 11 Nov 2019

    Media release: We would like to update the community on how Council has progressed this much-anticipated project so far.

    " "   Green light for Bondi Pavilion restoration
    Thu, 19 Dec 2019

    Waverley Council is scheduled to begin its restoration of the iconic Bondi Pavilion in May 2020 after the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel approved the Council’s development application.