Additional Amenities at South Bondi

Council is committed to improving the experience of residents and visitors to Bondi Beach.

Through the Bondi Beach, Park and Pavilion Plan of Management (Bondi POM), the community advised the needs for more toilets and showers in Bondi Park. Feedback received by the community on the Bondi Pavilion Restoration and Conservation project highlighted the need for more toilets and showers, particularly during peak periods where up to 50,000 people are on Bondi Beach.

A new amenities block has been prioritised to ensure visitors and residents will be catered for during peak periods. Consequently, Council commissioned a feasibility study in 2018 to determine the best locations for an additional amenities block. Arup, an external consultant engaged by Council, provided three possible locations for additional amenities: South Bondi Park, near the skate park, a central location, in close proximity to the Pavilion and in Biddigal Reserve at the Northern end of the beach.

Council has since made the decision to develop a new amenities block on the promenade, below Queen Elizabeth Drive, at the southern end of the beach.

Council has engaged Chrofi Architects as the consultant to complete the additional amenities block design.

Concept designs

Chrofi Architects further developed the concept designs for additional amenities to be constructed into the promenade wall (underneath Queen Elizabeth Drive) near the skate park at South Bondi. The location of the amenities is due to the minimum head height clearances, and site restrictions due to stormwater and telecommunication assets (site highlighted in red below).

The Bondi POM identified the need for additional kiosks at Bondi Beach. The proposed new amenities building includes a kiosk, where a tender process to occupy the space will be completed upon completion of the works.

As mentioned above, due to the Bondi Pavilion Restoration Project, Chrofi Architects completed additional designs to upgrade the Waverley Lifeguard - Bondi amenities and first aid facilities.

A Development Application has been submitted for the following proposed developments:

  • Additional Amenities Block at South Bondi;
  • Refurbishment and remedial works of Bondi lifeguard tower, including new lifeguard amenities; &
  • Upgrading of Bondi first aid facilities.

Project timeline

Construction works are anticipated to commence during 2020.

Note: There will be inconvenience during the construction period, as fencing will take up some of the promenade, as well as a number of car spaces on Queen Elizabeth Drive. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve your Bondi Beach experience.

Contact details

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contact Frank Tam at