Upgrades to Parks & Playgrounds

Marks Park Upgrade

Waverley Council is making improvements to Marks Park to ensure we continue to deliver recreational facilities that support a healthy, happy and connected community.

The upgrade aims to improve access to the park and its facilities, provide a direct connection to Mackenzies Point, stop erosion of the park embankments and improve the play experience at the playground.

The upgrade works will include:

  • New footpaths providing step free access to park facilities
  • New stair connection between the park and Mackenzies Point
  • New accessible lookout point
  • New native landscape planting to stabilise the park slopes and prevent erosion
  • New playground upgraded to replace old equipment and expand the play experience.

Upgrade works will commence in early June 2019 and are due to be completed by September 2019, weather permitting. During this time, the park area and amenities block will remain open to the public. Only the immediate footprint of the works will be fenced off from public access.

The Marks Park Masterplan can be viewed here.

More Information

For more information and to stay updated on the Marks Park Upgrade please visit our Have Your Say project page here.

To find out more about the exciting new playground please click here.

Clarke Reserve Park and Playground Upgrade

In September - October 2018, Council received feedback from the community on the safety and play experience in Clarke Reserve. In response to this feedback, designs were drafted for an upgrade of the park and playground in line with Council budget at a value of $150,000. In February 2019, Council received funding from the State Government, Office of Local Government via the Stronger Communities Fund for a value of $100,000 to contribute to the playground at Clarke Reserve. This funding will allow us to provide further improvements to the safety and play experience of the playground.

Over April and May of 2019, Council consulted with the community on how the additional money should be allocated. Following community consultation, Council resolved to make a number of key improvements. Refer to Councils Have Your Say page here for more information and to view the updated plans.

Marlborough Park and Playground Upgrade

Council is planning to upgrade Marlborough Reserve Playground to improve the play experience of the existing play space as identified in Waverley Council's Play Space Strategy (PSS). These improvements include providing a range of play experiences including active, imaginative, creative, social, quiet and free play; and encourage play in natural environments to promote and understanding of environmental process.
In  mid 2019, Council will be seeking feedback from the community on how the playground is currently used, and how we can improve it in the future. Visit this page or Have Your Say Waverley to stay updated.

Hugh Bamford Reserve and Williams Park Plan of Management

Hugh Bamford and Williams Park

Council has prepared a draft Plan of Management and Masterplan for Williams Park and Hugh Bamford Reserve. In conjunction with the Plan of Management, a comprehensive long term plan illustrating the design direction for the site (Masterplan) will be developed. Together the Plan of Management and the Master Plan will provide strategic and operational direction for the design and management of the park over the coming decade.

The draft Plan of Management was developed in consultation with stakeholders and the community. A broad range of consultation activities were programmed in April and May 2019, to involve stakeholder and the community in setting the direction, vision and values identified in this plan.

With consideration of the consultation feedback and specialist studies the Plan of Management was drafted. The Draft Plan retains existing key infrastructure, such as the training field at Hugh Bamford Reserve and the nine-hole golf course on Williams Park under a different management model as well as incorporating enhancements.

During August and September 2019, Council will be seeking feedback from the community about the draft Hugh Bamford Reserve and Williams Park Plan of Management. If you would like to be involved in consultation and be updated about this important project, please click here.

Thomas Hogan Reserve Upgrade

Following community consultation in 2017, Thomas Hogan Reserve has undergone a number of upgrades to the central clearing and community hall landscape. Most recently the play-space was upgraded with new playground equipment, concrete and sandstone paving, wet-pour rubber, retaining walls, street furniture and planting of garden beds. The original concept design can be viewed here and the Ecological Restoration Action Plan can be found here.

Latest works - July-August 2019

The staircase that leads into Thomas Hogan Reserve from Martins Ave to Francis St will be reconstructed as part of the overall upgrade program. The staircase will be closed for approximately four weeks from the middle of July while works are underway. Visitors to the reserve will need to enter via the Francis St entrance.

Barracluff Park Upgrade Consultation Commencing Soon

In late February 2018, Council engaged an external consultant to undertake an annual playground safety audits which highlighted issues with equipment pieces at Barracluff Park, which were beyond their serviceable life and required removal.  As such, Council fenced off the equipment.

Due to resourcing issues, this project was delayed to allow to time to develop an overall park upgrade (and not just an upgrade of playground equipment). This will ensure a better outcome for the community and a cohesive and well planned playspace and park for the community.

In the coming months, we will be asking the community for their feedback on the upgrade of Barracluff Park playground and it’s adjoining parkland. Once we have your feedback and develop a concept plan, we anticipate construction to commence in Winter 2019.

If you would like to stay in the loop on this project, please email OpenSpace@waverley.nsw.gov.au.

Waverley Park Upgrades

Waverley Park

In 2019 Waverley Park’s entrances, footpaths and lighting will be upgraded. These works will commence in early July 2019 and are due to be completed by September 2019, weather permitting.

The upgrade includes:

  • Installation of footpath lighting along the shared path
  • Widening of existing footpath entrance to Waverley Park
  • Replacement of existing fence panels and bollards
  • Installation of new furniture and fixings
  • Mass shrub planting through garden beds

During the construction phase, the footprint of the works will be fenced off to the public. Works will occur Monday to Friday, 7am – 5pm and Saturdays, 8am – 1pm (if required). There will be construction noise. However, Council will make every effort to minimise the inconvenience to  by ensuring that no machines or loud works occur prior to 7.30am.

Important note: In order to extend and widen the existing footpath entry from Birrell St, Council will remove six trees next to the Birrell St entrance.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact Jack Farag by emailing jack.farag@waverley.nsw.gov.au

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