Bronte Cutting


Over one million people use the Coastal Walk from Bronte to Bondi every year. There is a portion of the walk at Calga Place, commonly known as Bronte Cutting, without a footpath. The missing link in the footpath means that during peak times, as many as 500 pedestrians per hour are forced to walk along the road creating conflict between pedestrians and vehicles.

This conflict is referenced in several Waverley Council strategic documents and studies, such as the Bronte Park and Beach Plan of Management (Bronte PoM) and Waverley’s People Movement and Places strategy. These documents identify the need to investigate options to provide a dedicated pathway linking the Coastal Walk. Based on community consultation held for the Bronte PoM, 74% of respondents showed support for a trial pedestrian footpath in the Cutting.

Trial project

In November, Council installed a trial pedestrian walkway linking Calga Reserve and the Coastal Walk through Bronte Cutting. The walkway has temporarily replaced 20 car parking spaces and some parking meters on one side of the Cutting.

Council has also commissioned the installation of an artwork that aims to interpret the history of the area, featuring illustrations of the tram and other interesting stories. This is a collaboration between Waverley Council, designer Ellie Nuss and the illustrator James Gulliver Hancock.

The trial will be in place for two months.

Have your say

The pilot project will run for two months. During this time we will be seeking community feedback on the pilot and four alternative ideas. For information on how to get involved, visit

More information

Contact project manager, Fancisco Mota on 02 9083 8159 or