Background information

At our June Council meeting, Council voted to approve the revised architect’s brief. It was developed following extensive community and stakeholder consultation incorporating the recommendations of the Bondi Pavilion Stakeholder Committee. This follows the earlier, February Council meeting, decision to formally withdraw the Development Application for the Stage 1 upgrade which was submitted in March 2017.

The architects, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, will now work on a new concept design for the whole building. This design will then be part of another public consultation period before the DA process and detailed design commences.

The revised brief includes:

  • Retention and refurbishment of the music rooms, theatre, High Tide room and Seagull Room in their existing position
  • Renovation of all of the amenities including showers, toilets and change facilities.
  • Provision of adequate waste management and storage facilities
  • Provision of technological facilities to future-proof the space
  • Maintaining viability of outdoor festivals, music, film, theatre and other performance in the internal courtyard areas, including the future uses and functions of the current amphitheatre
  • Preparation of designs for the area of Bondi Park between the Bondi Pavilion and Park Drive guided by all relevant conservation management plans
  • Ensuring adequate plumbing for the building.

At our September Council meeting, Council voted to place the new concept designs on community consultation. The consultation was open between 7 September and 5 October. The feedback received in this process led to further changes to the concept designs, which are now moving into the next phase of the project.

Outside of the Pavilion project, there is lots happening with maintenance and smaller-scale renovations at the Pavilion. For instance:

  • Work has recently finished on a complete re-roofing of the High Tide room
  • New turf has been laid, and additional work done on courtyard lawns
  • Planter boxes in the courtyards have been freshly planted
  • The large planter box inside the atrium has been removed and the floor tiled.