Bondi Junction Civic Heart

The Bondi Junction Civic Heart Project is part of our plan to enhance the vibrancy of Bondi Junction. It involves creating an inviting community, cultural and civic heart in the area, in line with the Bondi Junction Vision for 2030.

The proposed site for the civic facility is within the Council owned properties contained within the block bound by Spring, Ebley, Newland and Denison streets.

We have identified six stages for this project:

  • Stage 1: Consultation to understand community needs and views (complete – key findings from this stage can be found here)
  • Stage 2: Background Studies and Options
  • Stage 3: Architectural Brief
  • Stage 4: Concept Designs
  • Stage 5: Detailed Design
  • Stage 6: Construction

Current status

We are currently progressing Stage 2. Consultants have been engaged to consider the relative merits and development options for a new, inviting civic heart for the community in Bondi Junction, centred on an enhanced Norman Lee Place. 

What are the objectives of the project?

  • Plan for Council’s current and future cultural, service and community facilities needs in Bondi Junction, ensuring facilities such as library, seniors, community and children’s services are delivered in appropriate ways that meet community needs
  • Attract civic related activities currently lacking in Bondi Junction, or which may add vitality and activity to the space.Adaptively reuse the Council owned, heritage listed Boot Factory
  • Include best practice environmental sustainability initiatives.

What are the strategies of the project?

  • Develop a plan for land which includes Council owned property contained with the block bound by Spring, Ebley, Newland and Denison streets (The Site)
  • Create a critical threshold of activity on The Site that contributes to the economy of Bondi Junction and improves Bondi Junction’s performance as a lifestyle based urban centre
  • Identify gaps in the local economy that may be accommodated on The Site
  • Construct a building or buildings with excellent design quality which instils pride and ownership by the community
  • Create outdoor plazas and ensure open space areas are safe and engaging.

Where can I read relevant Council Reports?

Follow the links below to view Council reports and minutes in full:

When can I have my say?

We’re using your feedback from Stage 1 to inform the Background Studies and Options of this project. Once options have been developed, near the end of Stage 2, we’ll be consulting with you again, through a variety of channels. There will be opportunities for community feedback at each stage of the project. This page will be updated with new information on the project, and will outline when and how you can provide feedback once options have been developed.

More information

For more information about the Bondi Junction Civic Heart Project, or to be added to our database for email updates, please contact Council’s Coordinator, Urban Design and Heritage, Valerie Giammarco on 9083 8000 or

Boot Factory

The Boot Factory is a much-loved site on Spring Street in Bondi Junction, and over 120 years old. The Boot Factory is locally listed as a heritage item as part of the Waverley LEP 2012. The building is of local significance by virtue of: historical association with local boot makers, William Sideway and later operators; and its association with a significant local industry and the related worker community of Waverley in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The building as aesthetic and scientific significance as a rare remaining example of 19th Century form and construction within Waverley.

In 2010, bracing works were under taken to secure and brace the building. Fencing is in place around the immediate perimeter of the building to prevent public access.

The Boot Factory is an integral part of the Bondi Junction Civic Heart project. Council is committed to finding a solution within the Civic Heart project which considers the adaptive reuse of the Boot Factory in line with the Bondi Junction – Heartbeat of the East Vision to ‘preserve the heritage and historical landscapes’. The proposed adaptive reuse of the Boot Factory will assist in the retention of this historic building for current and future generations.

Council recently invited consultants with relevant heritage expertise to provide quotes to prepare a ‘Boot Factory History and Adaptive Reuse – Review of Documentation’ report.

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