Construction certificate

After a Development Application (DA) is approved, a Construction Certificate is needed before building can begin. A Construction Certificate certifies that the construction plans and specifications comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and other relevant standards, the development consent and conditions, and that all necessary fees have been paid.

Council or a Private Certifier may issue a Construction Certificate.

For more details on what information and documentation you need to provide when applying for your Construction Certificate, please download the Construction Certificate information sheet or the application form.

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Occupation of Council Footpaths  

If your construction requires the erection of a hoarding over or the storage of building materials on a council footpath, you must first get approval. Please complete the Occupation of Council Footpath application form.

Site Waste and Recycling Management Plan

You must submit a Site Waste and Recycling Management Plan checklist with your Construction Certificate. It helps you identify the type and amount of waste likely to be generated during construction and how this can be minimised. It will also make it clear to Council how you plan to reuse, recycle or dispose of the waste, both during construction and as part of your ongoing waste management plan.

Soil and Water Management Plan

It is a standard condition of consent for any building site that a Soil and Water Management Plan be prepared and implemented before any constructions begins on site. The plan should detail the erosion and sediment control methods for the life of construction.

Please download the information sheet for more on how to prepare your Soil and Water Management Plan.

Notice to Commence – Principal Certifying Authority Form

Before you can commence approved construction works on a site, you must advise:

  • Council that you intend to start building or subdivision work, and
  • Council and the authority that granted development consent or complying development certificate that you have appointed a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) to oversee that works comply with the development consent and the Building Code of Australia.

Please download the Notice to Commence form for more information.

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