Public Domain Technical Manual

  • Public Domain Technical Manual- Revision G | 15MB
  • The Public Domain Technical Manual guides Council officers, external consultants and contractors on the use of materials, finishes, furniture, design treatments and details.

    How to Use This Document

    The Technical Manual is organised below into:

    • The Introduction and character statements; firstly sets out the document’s purpose and guiding principles. The principles form the selection criteria for the materials, finishes, furniture and guide design treatments and details. The varying character of Waverley’s open spaces and parks across the municipality are described and sets out the quality standards to be applied. It describes the various characterisations and hierarchies of the spaces throughout the local government area and how these should be treated.
    • The remaining documents comprise the guidelines and provides the necessary information to select, locate and install standard items. It also provides useful information for concept and design development of the public domain and for specific custom design elements.

    The Technical Manual is an evolving document and may be revised to incorporate improvements from time to time.