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""      Dockless electric bikes launched in Waverley
13 Nov 2018

News item: What is Lime Bikes and who do I contact if I need more info?

""      South Bronte Amenities and Community Centre upgrade
12 Nov 2018

Media release: Concept designs for the South Bronte Amenities and Community Centre upgrade are now open for community feedback until Sunday, 9 December.

""      Improving pedestrian safety in Bronte Cutting
31 Oct 2018

Media release: A pedestrian walkway linking Calga Reserve and the Coastal Walk through Bronte Cutting is due for completion in mid-November.

""      Tracing the history of the Waverley Artist Studios
31 Oct 2018

Media release: A new exhibition showcasing past and present artists of the Waverley Artist Studios is launching tomorrow, 1 November at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery.

""      Racism does not have a place in Australia’s diverse society
24 Oct 2018

MEDIA RELEASE: Waverley Council supports and celebrates our culturally diverse community and strives to ensure that our beautiful and vibrant part of the world remains welcoming, strong, inclusive, resilient and fair.

     English man saves a life after watching Bondi Rescue
18 Oct 2018

Waverley Council recently received a thank you letter from John Wolstenholme, from Hampshire England thanking Bondi Rescue for giving him the knowledge to save a child at his local unpatrolled beach.

""      Marks Park the endorsed location for the Bondi Memorial Project
17 Oct 2018

Media release: Waverley Council and LGBTI health organisation ACON have reached another milestone in the Bondi Memorial Project after Council last night endorsed Tamarama’s Marks Park as the next site for the commissioning and installation of public art in the Waverley local government area. The endorsement allows for the commissioning of a memorial in the form of a public artwork in the park to acknowledge the men targeted in homophobic attacks from the 1970s to 1990s.

""      Waverley Council joins landmark renewable energy agreement to cut emissions and costs
12 Oct 2018

Media release: Waverley Council has joined 17 other NSW councils to sign a landmark agreement that will result in around 30% of council’s retail electricity being supplied by a renewable energy generator from 1 July 2019.

""      Waverley Cemetery Coastal Walk reopens
10 Oct 2018

Media release: Join us on Saturday, 13 October from 10am to 11.45am for the official celebrations.

" "      Sydney Craft Week is here
09 Oct 2018

Sydney Craft Week is an initiative of Australian Design Centre (ADC), a not for profit organisation showcasing and supporting contemporary craft and design.

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