And the winner is….Youth Art Prize announced


On Thursday night, Waverley Council celebrated the opening of the Waverley Youth Art Prize with a marvelous turn out to congratulate the winners.

For its 32nd iteration the Waverley Youth Art Prize focused on the theme of Heroines and Heroes – the everyday and the extraordinary.

The prize encourages creativity in young artists from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and is open to 9-18 year-olds with entries being in both traditional and electronic mediums. 

We are pleased to announce this year’s winners:

Senior Category – 1st Michael Aroney – The Suitcase
Senior Category – 2nd Xanthe Muston – My Brother Jack
Senior Category –3rd Casey O’Regan – Gaurdia
Senior Category –Highly Commended Elliot Gibson – Mailman
Intermediate Category – 1st Adena Sheps – Judith the Beheader
Intermediate Category – 2nd Caitlin O’Regan – The Living Rainbow
Intermediate Category – 3rd Nour Agiel – Colour of My Life
Intermediate Category – Highly Commended Jamie Grieve – Spider Girl’s Adventures – Saving Gecko
Junior Category – 1st Nadia May – Fuzz and the Owl
Junior Category – 2nd Gabriel Stafford – Not Every Hero Has a Happy Ending
Junior Category – 3rd Otis O’Neill – Iron man After a Bath
Junior Category –Highly Commended Rolf Rafael Lie – Chip Man Vs. Alien Guy
Junior Category – Highly Commended Tilly Groves - When the Whole World is Silent, Even One Voice Becomes Powerful.
Best Interpretation of the Theme Xanthe Muston – My Brother Jack
Best New Media Artwork Lola Levy, Grace Wren, Grace Ingham, Matilda Gosling, Daisy Johnson, Stella Moore, Lucia Moore - Coogee Friends
Best Three dimensional creation Ava Webster – Shadowgirl to the Rescue

In a particularly colorful night, the Waverley Library event saw youth band Dirty Sherbet from the Bondi Wave Music Program,perform a set of original songs.

This year’s judges were Anna John and Philjames. The resident artists within the Waverley Artist Studio program were impressed by the caliber of talent.

Anna said, “We were overwhelmed by the quality of this year’s prize. There was such a depth of ideas and talents; we were particularly impressed by the junior category. It is hard to believe that some of these works were created by 9-12 year olds”.

While Co-judge Philjames said, “It’s so excellent to see such a high level of creativity and skill across a range of mediums,and it’s such a pleasure to see a range of work infused with really honest vitality. This is such a refreshing exhibition”.

Mayor Sally Betts announced the awards on the night and said the talent was nothing short of wonderful.

“In Waverley we are supportive of a number of art programs. We are delighted there were so many entries. The talent is nothing short of amazing.

“This award is really about celebrating the importance of art and making. Last night was lovely and I was delighted to attend and award prizes to so many young creative artists.

“Congratulations not only to our winners but to everyone who participated – everyone deserved to take home a prize.

The winning entries can now be viewed at Waverley Library Galleries– 32-48 Denison Street, Bondi Junction.