Have your say

Want to get involved in consultations but don’t know how? Keen to give us feedback when things are working well or when they could be improved?

Read on for information on the different ways you can ‘Have A Say’.

Have Your Say Waverley!

Waverley Council has established an online community engagement website to allow our community to contribute their views and opinions about key issues.

A majority of our community consultations are listed on the portal. Contributing your feedback online in our forums, surveys and quick polls is easy.

Why consult?

We want to hear what you think about important local issues. Consultation ensures that community members affected by a Council decision have a genuine opportunity to be informed of, and provide input into, the decision making process.

We conduct consultations throughout the year on a wide range of projects, services and programs. Your feedback and ideas will inform our planning and decision making.

Why should I participate?

By having a say you can participate in shaping the decisions that impact on your neighbourhood. Use your knowledge and personal experience to help us develop solutions to the problems and issues that affect you.

How do I become involved?

Getting involved is easy - Click on any area below to see what’s happening.