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Photo Gallery

When the beach is your Workplace

This photo gallery, of Waverley Council Lifeguards, has been created as part of the Lifeguard History Project. This project is on-going. If you have photos relating to the Lifeguard service which you would like to donate, or lend to us for copying, we would love to hear from you. 

Copyright in all images is held either by Waverley Council or individual contributors. If you would like a copy of one of the photos, or to use these photo gallery images in any way, please contact the Local Studies Librarian on 9386 7744 or email: 


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Stan McDonald and early beach flags, Bondi 1920s    
Stan McDonald and early beach flags, Bondi 1920s

Beach Inspectors in their new uniforms Bondi Beach late 1930s

Beach Inspector & bikini girl cartoon 1955

Bill "the whale" Willis, children & sea snake c. 1960s

 Bill Willis, Aud Laidlaw, Brian Davidson known as the 3 musketeers, c. 1960s

Lifeguard & bikini girl cartoon 1961


Bill "the whale" Willis stars on the Beach Inspector's dinner program

Beach Inspectors tell topless bathers to leave Bondi 1972

Brian Davidson oiling the surf reel

 Roger Riley - Bondi Lifeguard


 Dennis (Dinny) Brown 1st WC Lifeguard and his wife and daughters

 Lifeguard Brian Davidson demonstrating a rescue


 Roger Riley - Bondi Lifeguard

 Lifeguards and piper honour Stan McDonald 1965
 Stan McDonald 2nd WC Lifeguard

New Lifeguard Tower, February 1975


 Peter Moscatt, Lifeguard, footballer and eventually Mayor of Waverley
 Beach Inspector cloth badge

 Three Lifeguards in white uniforms 1990s

 Lifeguards with a logie for Bondi Rescue 2008

 Lifeguards 2006-2007


 Lifeguards 2007-2008  Lifeguards 2008-2009  


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